Top 10 Dog Breeds for Frequent Travelers

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Whether you travel for business on a regular basis, or love jetting away to the ideal vacation spot, it's important to consider your travel lifestyle when you consider getting a dog. While leaving your pupper home is always an option, many would prefer to bring their fur-babies with them. Lest you think this means small dogs only, and traveling by air is best with a dog that will fit under the seat in front of you, size is not always a problem. Temperament is definitely a factor, too. So what are the Top 10 canine traveling companions? Hre is a list to help you find your pawfect traveling buddy.


These diminutive beauties are the pawrfect size for a carry-on crate tucked away by your feet on a plane. They're also relatively quiet, which is a plus, although their sometimes nervous nature may be tested. They're also great for long waits between flights and can be wheeled around inside their travel crates in the terminal. Isn't that what those luggage carts are for?


Another tiny breed, the Chihuahua adapts well to being carried around in a sling, wheeled in a stroller, strapped in to a raised doggy seat in the car, and tucked away under the seat on a plane. They really just want to be with their people, and although a little high-strung, will enjoy the adventure!

Bichon Frise

This adorable, fluffy little dog loves attention and you're sure to attract admirers at railroad stations and airports when accompanied by this little charmer. Optimistic and adventurous, they're happy to snooze their way across country or to another continent and will love the new scents at your destination.
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Labrador Retriever

While labs may not adapt well to traveling on a plane in a crate with the suitcases, road trips are heaven for them. Perched on the seat with their heads stuck out the window, ears flapping and teeth visible in a constant smile, these guys are happiest with their families! Try not to leave home without them!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These unflappable pups make pawrific travel companions, whatever mode you use. Small enough to fly with you in the passenger cabin, they are unconcerned by the bustle of check-in and boarding, and revel in the attention they'll get from your fellow travelers. Dog-friendly hotels welcome them because of their gentle, quiet demeanor.

Great Dane

Yes, they're huge. Yes, they require plenty of back seat space. Yes, you'll need to haul tons of dog food or stop frequently at the pet store. But aside from all that, Great Danes are furbulous travel companions for RVing, car trips and camping. Pawsome watchdogs, they'll guard the camper while you're out and about, and will be up for a hike or two!


These feisty little pups love adventure and will adapt beautifully to almost any form of travel. Small enough to fit into a travel carrier, their alertness and love of attention make your roamings more fun. While they love to walk and "hunt," they're also content to be pushed in a stroller when their little legs get tired.

Shih Tzu

These are the perfect pups for any kind of travel because of their size, and the fact that they will tolerate long trips by car or train if you promise to provide them with lots of cuddles. Ideal for traveling with children, their solid, reassuring little bodies will comfort the little humans if they're stressed, too.

French Bulldog

Love to travel by bicycle or motorcycle? Frenchies are ideal pups for it! Small enough to fit in a carrier on the back of a bike or in a backpack, they thrive in the fresh air and viewpoint available out in the open. They adapt well to most biking accessories too, like goggles, helmets and vests. Bike on!

Golden Retriever

Like other large dogs, Goldens would be relegated to a crate below decks on a plane, which is not fun for any dog. For any other type of travel, especially where the destination is the great outdoors,these fur-pups shine! Smart and trainable, their love of hiking, swimming and keeping their humans warm make them ideal for camping vacations!