Top 10 Dog Breeds for People Who Work Full Time

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Are you a hard-working guy or gal that doesn’t have much time for themselves, much less a furry friend? There are certain breeds that can entertain themselves and won’t stress if you have to be gone for long hours, allowing you the joy and comfort of their company when you return. Coming in various sizes, these breeds can fit into any living environment. Give them a big hug when you leave and they will be waggin’ their tails when you get back! Check out these Top Dog Breeds for People who Work Full Time to find your pawfect pup match!

Bedlington Terrier

This pup can be a happy camper when you are off to work.  With the look and disposition of a small sheep, this pup has the charm to go with it. This medium-small dog can have fun at home lounging the day away and will be ready for action when you return. Sweet and charming, the Bedlington Terrier is a great pup for your home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

What a regal dog for a home companion, and how content they are just waiting for you to return! The beautiful and intelligent Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a furever friend that is tops on the happy chart being alone. Although they covet the time they have with you, when you are away working, they will curl up and enjoy the quiet. 


What kind of a dog will run, play and enjoy every minute with you? The Chihuahua is a breed that has spunk, spirit and super intelligence. They will gladly spend every hour with you, or waiting for you, and will be happy as can be either way. This petite pup is a dream if you are a hard-working dog person
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This small dog fits into most lifestyles and is content with either constant attention, or just some when you return. The Dachshund is a small ball of energy, but they are also just as content by themselves. They will curl up and happily wait for your return. Expect lots of tail waggin’ and pup kisses when you arrive!

Italian Greyhound

This small little charmer will be waiting to spend some quality time with you when you return from a long-day’s work. The Italian Greyhound is the perfect mix of tiny and terrific, and is content to be head of the household while you are away. Super sweet temperaments make this pup top choice for a working household.

Bassett Hound

This sturdy little guy is really a powerhouse in disguise, but you won’t know it with their quiet demeanor. The Basset Hound can kick up their heels with the best of the bunch at the dog park, or happily snooze the rest of the day away. Short and sweet, this pup will steal your heart.


The Beagle comes in a couple sizes to fit into your living arrangement with style. Their energy levels are high when called upon, but for the greater portion of the day, they are basically couch potatoes! Be at work without worrying about this pup who can entertain themselves. A great kid-friendly dog as well.

Cocker Spaniel

Fancy and friendly are the characteristics of this pup. They are very happy to be doing just about anything with their human companions, but alone time is just as good. This small dog is hardy enough to run with the big boys at the park when you get home, or be by your side if you are tired. Beauty is a bonus feature!

Bernese Mountain Dog

Those large breed dog lovers will be thrilled to know that the Bernese Mountain Dog is a laidback sort of fellow. This pup's demeanor will match those of their owners. While quiet while you are away, Bernese dogs are full of energy otherwise! Their shiny coat and friendly eyes will melt your heart. 


How can a racing dog be content alone for multiple hours? Just because they can run at 40 mph, does not mean they want to do that all the time. Greyhounds are easy-going pups that will just as well lay on the couch than be in the fast lane. Tall, slender and loving are the traits of this pawtastic pup.