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13 Weirdest (and Best) Traits We Absolutely Love About Our Pets


Written by Mel Lee-Smith

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Published: 01/04/2021, edited: 10/26/2022

Canines and felines have various weird and wonderful traits, making them even more fun to be around. Some may be unique to your pet while others are common across the species, but all these characteristics make us love our fur-babies even more. Check out these 13 weird traits we ABSOLUTELY love about our pets!

1. Tail chasing

An odd yet adorable trait you see in many canines is tail chasing. While entertaining, tail-chasing may be a sign that your woofer is bored and is trying to exert some extra energy. If you see your dog chasing their tail, consider taking them on more strenuous walks, which may stop them from chasing their tail. If this still continues frequently, consult your vet, as it may be a medical concern relating to an anal gland issue or an allergy.

2. Head tilting

When you're telling your pupper they're the best doggo, you might notice they tilt their head. This charming doggy trait makes it seem like your pup is listening intently and trying to work out exactly what you're saying. It's not entirely clear why dogs cock their heads like this, but it's most likely to tune their ears to different frequencies in case they hear a tone or noise they recognize.

3. Sniffing other dogs' butts

You'll be hard-pressed to take your fur-baby out for a dog walk to your local dog park without them sniffing another dog's butt. This common trait is essentially a dog's equivalent to a handshake. A quick sniff of another dog's butt is your mutt's way of saying hello while learning important information about their new furry friend.

4. Rolling around in mud

Perhaps one of the funniest but annoying dog traits you'll come across is your hound rolling around in the mud. There's plenty of potential reasons your woofer might roll in the dirt, from boredom to cooling off to just plain enjoyment. Whatever the reason, it's hilarious to watch (but not much fun to clean up).

5. Doggy paddle

While not exactly naturals in the water, dogs love to swim, and they've even created their own stroke! Humans are believed to have learned this swimming method thousands of years ago by watching our four-legged friends. There are few better things to watch than an excited doggo awkwardly paddle while chasing their favorite stick or ball.

6. Sleep racing

All dogs dream and some will even partake in sleep racing. While it's common to observe your woofer twitching and moving in their sleep, some canines take it a step further and will imitate running lying down, as if they're chasing their ball. It's uncommon for fur-babies to do this, so check out some videos online if you fancy a giggle.

7. Open mouth response

Ever noticed your cat looking shocked after smelling something unusual? This side-splitting trait is actually a way to help a cat analyze a new scent. A cat's vomeronasal organ, which identifies new smells, is located between a cat's nose and mouth causes this response. Your cat is actually just raising its upper lip to help filter air through this organ

8. If I fits, I sits

From cheetahs to house cats, humans have observed felines trying to fit into the smallest cardboard box or space possible. Put even the smallest box on the ground near your cat, and you can bet they'll try to fit inside. The probable scientific reason for this behavior is a cat's instinct to try to stay out of open spaces where they feel vulnerable.

9. Zoomies

Every cat carer will be familiar with their feline running around their house in the early hours of the morning. This weird trait is due to pent-up energy your cat has stored throughout the day, coupled with an instinct to hunt at night. While entertaining, this behavioral trait can be bothersome in the middle of the night, especially if you have to work the next day.

10. Pouncing butt wiggle

When your cat companion gets all wide-eyed and ready to pounce, you may notice them do an adorable butt wiggle. The reason cats do this isn't entirely clear; however, it may be to gain extra traction or just out of excitement for the hunt. Regardless, this one of the most charming cat traits.

11. Chattering

Cats are known to make an array of noises from yowling to purring, and one of the weirdest is chattering. You'll often notice your cat chattering when staring out of the window at some birds. Scientists believe the reason for this quick, high-pitched vocalization is likely due to excitement and frustration at being unable to hunt nearby prey.

12. Kneading

While petting your tiny tiger, you may notice they press their front paws into you. This normal behavior stems back to when your cat was a kitten and would push their paws into their mom to stimulate milk production. Kneading is generally a response to feeling secure, and your cat thinking you're their new mommy!

13. Bringing you "presents"

Some outdoor cats are keen hunters and will bring you special "presents," which are almost never welcome. There are several reasons your cat might bring your gifts — they see you as part of their hunting group and want to share, or they may be giving it to you as thanks for feeding them regularly. Whatever the reason, this a cat trait most pet parents wish their feline didn't have.

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