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4 Tips for Housetraining Your New Puppy


Housetraining a new puppy requires the patience of a saint, the consistency of a timepiece and the positive reinforcement of a world-class coach. Keep these tips at the forefront of your training regime and you'll find that he'll learn good habits quickly.

1. Keep A Watchful Eye

Start from day one by preventing your new pup from developing bad by keeping an eye on him 24/7. For the times that isn't feasible, confine your pup to a safe area no big than three times his size. Since dogs innately want to keep their personal area clean, they will instinctively venture away from their own territory to use the bathroom. Your puppy should be successfully eliminating in the desired areas for at least 4 consecutive weeks before he's unsupervised.

Wash bedding regularly and take your puppy out during the night if necessary, as sleeping on soiled bedding could slow down your puppy's housetraining.

2. Maintain a Schedule and Stick to It

Take your puppy to his elimination spot several times a day and encourage him to sniff around. Make sure you take him out each times he wakes from a nap, eats a meal, plays or before confining him into his space for the night.  Also, be on watch for common signs of elimination desire such as scratching or sniffing around. Once you become familiar with your puppy's routine, you'll start recognizing the signs that he has to go. Avoid feeding your pup an hour before bedtime or before crating him.

3. Use the Reward System

Reward your puppy with a treat whenever he displays the behavior you desire. Make sure to feed him treats immediately after he goes - don't wait to get back in the house before giving him a reward.

4. Be Patient

Accidents happen and puppies need time to learn new habits. When messes occur, do not make the common mistake of punishing your pup. Instilling fear will not only damage your budding relationship but has actually been shown to impede speedy house training. If you catch your puppy in the act of going where he shouldn't, clap your hands or stomp on the floor once without using your voice. The loud noise will get your puppy's attention without fear. Then, immediately take your puppy outdoors to finish. Immediately clean up any spills from floors and carpeting to eliminate odors and help prevent re-soiling.

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