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5 Adorable Ways Dogs Show Their Love and Devotion


We love our pups and show them in so many ways but sometimes, especially with some the more standoffish dog breeds, it can feel like a one way street. Fret not! Dogs have a variety of ways they give affection.

1. They Sleep with You

Dogs are pack animals, and in the wild the love to sleep huddled together. This helps keep them warm and help them feel safe. It’s also a way for your dog to show you he cares. Dogs could curl up anywhere, but they often choose to cuddle with us. He wants to be near you, and this is his natural way of showing you he feels comfortable and sees you as family. Other signs of love include leaning on us, sleeping with a head on our feet or laying a paw on our knee. So next time you veg out on the couch, invite your pooch to sit beside you or at your feet and share some quality bonding time

2. They Don't Leave Your Side

Dogs will follow their owners for a variety of reasons, including their knowledge that you’re typically the source of their food and shelter. Because dogs are also pack animals that enjoy being with their families, sticking by your side is just another clue that your pup loves you. So even though she might get in the way from time to time, it’s important to remember that she simply just wants your company.

3. They Wag Their Tails

Tail wagging may seem like an obvious sign of love, but this behavior is more complex than you may think. Although tail wagging isn’t always a sign of happiness, it’s generally displayed towards dog owners as a means of affection. When a dog is wagging his tail loosely, and his body language is showing other signs of comfort and excitement, it’s safe to say he’s very happy you’re around!

4. They Get Excited When They See You

After a long day in the office, there’s nothing quite as fulfilling as a dog happily running to you. It’s even better when he’s in the middle of chewing a favorite toy or investigating a fascinating scent, and he stops what he’s doing to come and greet you. While at times she may get out of hand by jumping, a typically undesirable behavior, dogs jump on people because they like them. When you come home after work or from running some errands, your dog is excited and wants to rejoice at your return! While it’s better to teach dogs another, more acceptable way to share their excitement, jumping should be seen as a display of affection.

5. They Stare at You

In the human world, we usually make eye contact to show that we’re engaged and paying attention. That’s not the case in the dog world. When dogs lock eyes with each other, it’s often considered rude or aggressive. And yet, when dogs stare at their favorite humans, it’s usually out of love, not war. When you look into your pup’s eyes and he gazes back with relaxed eyes showing little to no white, it usually means he’s happy and comfortable with you.

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