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7 Ideas for Planning Festive Virtual Parties in 2020 | Pet Edition


Written by Emily Bayne

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Published: 12/17/2020, edited: 10/26/2022


Social distancing doesn’t mean you have to call it quits on your annual holiday party — just have a virtual one!  Need ideas for planning a festive virtual party? We got you. CHECK OUT these pet-inspired virtual party ideas to make Christmas 2020 the best yet!

Battle of the gingerbread (dog) houses

Making gingerbread houses is a timeless tradition. So, why not incorporate this activity into your virtual pet party? Get your guests to purchase a gingerbread house kit and broadcast the building process from your kitchens. You can even make them doggy-themed by decorating them with chew bones and dog biscuits. Your guests will eat up this creative (and tasty!) game.  

Play classic party games, virtually

You can still enjoy party games even though you aren’t in the same physical space. Use a topic generator and take on characters for an exciting game of charades. Bingo and dog trivia are also great games for virtual "pawties" — just have one person read the questions and call the numbers. Up the stakes by mailing out small prizes like dog treats or sending the winner an online gift card code to a pet store. (Or even a Wag! gift card!)

Have a doggy dance-off

Most dogs love dancing with their owners, so why not have a virtual dance-off? See which doggy duo has the best moves. Play different genres that will appeal to everyone and let the other viewers rate your performance. This activity is sure to garner lots of laughs!

Have a paint-and-paw party

Get artsy with your fellow pet parents with a dog-inspired online painting tutorial. Your party guests will need to purchase a few painting supplies for the party, but they aren't expensive. For under $25, they can buy a basic acrylic paint set, a canvas, and some brushes.  Have everyone set up their station before the party and play the tutorial on the main screen while everyone follows along.

Get crafty

Painting not your thing? There are tons of other crafty activities you and your party guests can do that don't involve a paintbrush. Make beaded bracelets that spell out your woofer's name. Create glass ornaments with your pup's picture inside. There are a billion ways for a virtual craft party; get creative, and use search engines if you have to! 

Take turns narrating muted animal videos

There’s nothing quite as funny as a well-narrated dog video, so why not put a Zoom party spin on this pastime? Create a watch party for muted internet videos and narrate them with silly concepts of what's going on. This activity is guaranteed to have your guests giggling!

Virtual movie marathons

Many online streaming services act as a virtual movie theater for socially distant friends. Just log on, grab some snacks, and sit back while you watch Christmas classics with your buds. 

Tips for a festive virtual party


Is it even a holiday "pawty" if you don’t decorate? Break out the tinsel, Christmas lights, and garland to make your video space festive for your virtual party and encourage your guests to do the same. You can even take turns giving a tour of your festive setups.

Mail out a party kit beforehand

Wanna be super extra? Mail out an invite and party favors ahead of the party. Treats and stuffed toys for the puppers and homemade baked goods for your "hooman" guests are all light-weight goodies that won’t cost much to mail. You can even DIY some ornaments and send those too! 

Understand there may be some technical difficulties

It’s important to remember that not everyone is accustomed to video chats; be prepared to give instructions for setting up and joining the call. Still, others may not have the internet quality to stream the party. 2020 is the year of virtual everything and that takes time to adjust to!

Have fun!

Most of all, have fun and relax. Regardless of technical difficulties and awkward pauses, have fun and be yourself. Your puppers and pals will be happy just to be a part of your party — virtual or otherwise!

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