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9 Amazing Facts About Goldendoodles


If you are allergic to dogs, the Goldendoodle or Groodle may just be the perfect fit for you! This lovable and playful breed is a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. Ready to learn more? Here are some amazing facts about Goldendoodles:

Goldendoodles Are Considered Newbies

Did you know Goldendoodles are a relatively new dog breed? They first appeared in North America and Australia in the 1990s after breeders realized a larger poodle hybrid would appeal to people who wanted a bigger hypoallergenic dog.

This Designer Dog is Naturally Vigorous

Most Goldendoodles are a first-generation hybrid or "designer dog". Animal breeders use the term 'hybrid vigor' to refer to a certain vivacity and resilience displayed in the first generation's behavior due to breeding two purebred dogs. This is especially true when the parents are very different dog breeds. Dogs with hybrid vigor are usually far healthier than either of the dog's purebred parents. They can also benefit from having the best qualities of both breeds. Hybrid vigor gradually disappears over successive generations.

Got Allergies? Don't Grab a Kleenex, Grab A Goldendoodle!

Just like most poodle hybrids, Goldendoodles do not shed very much. This makes the dog a great choice for people who are mildly allergic to animals. A Goldendoodle's coat is shaggier than a Golden Retriever but not nearly as curly as a Poodle's coat. The color of a Goldendoodle's coat can vary and may appear orange, cream, dark brown, gray, or black. Although some dogs may have a coat with two or three different colors. For people with more severe allergies, it is a better to get a second generation or "backcross" bred Goldendoodle. The term "backcross" is used when a first-generation hybrid is bred with a purebred dog that is the same breed as one of the hybrid's parents. Genetically speaking, a backcross puppy bred in this way is a "first generation cross". So a backcross Goldendoodle puppy has one parent that is a Goldendoodle and another that is a purebred Poodle. The objective of this type of breeding is to produce dogs that will shed less. The coat of a first-generation backcross (since it is three parts Poodle and one part Golden Retriever) is far less likely to shed, making it a far better option for a dog owner or a family member with severe dog allergies.

You Can See Into The Future! Predict What Your Puppy's Potential Height and Weight Will Be As An Adult 

Did you know that you can calculate how much your puppy will weigh and how tall it will be as an adult? Simply add both of the parents' height and weight together and then dividing that number by two. Goldendoodles are divided into three main size categories. The standard size for the breed is more than 45 pounds (with the largest Goldendoodle weighing more than 100 pounds). A medium-sized dog is usually between 30 and 45 pounds while an adult miniature Goldendoodle can weigh between 15 and 30 pounds. Miniature Goldendoodles are smaller because one of the dog's parents is a toy Poodle.

Don't Worry About Expensive Grooming Bills

Goldendoodles require minimal grooming and upkeep. Depending on the dog's fur, it should be combed and washed every two weeks. A Goldendoodle's hair can grow about eight inches long when it is not trimmed. The hair around the belly and tail area should be trimmed and kept short since it is more comfortable and sanitary for the dog. Likewise, dog owners can trim the dog's facial hair if it grows over its eyes and it can't see.

Goldendoodles are Naturally Gifted at Serving Others

This breed is well suited to serve other people. Since they inherited the Poodle's intelligence and the attentive obedience of a Golden Retriever, Goldendoodles make excellent guide dogs and therapy dogs. For example, they could be a trusted seeing-eye dog for a blind person. This type of dog breed can also be a great companion to elderly people in hospices, sick people in hospitals, and people in nursing homes who need comfort.

This Old Dog Loves Learning New Tricks

Goldendoodles like to constantly be stimulated. The dogs have a very strong desire to learn new commands and other tricks. This can make training them a delight for both the pet and owner.

Goldendoodles Are Usually Very Lovable and Social Pets

The dog can form long-lasting bonds with family members and other pets that are in the household. Goldendoodles are usually happiest when they are able to socialize with other dogs or humans. If you work or travel a lot, this may cause problems with this particular breed. The dog may act out and develop behavioral problems if they spend too much time alone.

No Outrageous Veterinarian Bills! Most Goldendoodles Are Very Healthy

As we have previously mentioned, a first generation hybrid is typically healthier than both of its purebred parents. As a result, there are no serious health concerns associated with Goldendoodles. Although they can develop some health issues that are common in Golden Retrievers and Poodles, such as VonWillebrand's disease (a blood clotting irregularity) or problems with their hips and elbows.

Given their pedigree, Goldendoodles are naturally quick-witted and very loyal to their owners. Regardless if you already own this lovable breed or are thinking of adding one to your family, these amazing facts can give you an idea of why the Goldendoodle is a favorite among many dog lovers.

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My son has been asking me for a puppy for months now, and when I told him I'll be getting him one for his birthday this December, he asked me to get him a miniature Golden Doodle. I'm glad you assured us that Golden Doodles are a grea

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Should I start shifting my mini golden doodle pup from 3 to 2 meals daily? She is 4.66 months old, and about 25 lb.
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