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Happy Healthy Cat Month: 10 Ways to Show Your Cat They are Just Purr-fect


While September is the official month for celebrating our feline friends, at Wag!, we think that cats are special every day of the year. 

And we bet, as loving pet parents, you agree!

We’ve come up with quite possibly the purr-fect list out there for giving your cat everything they need as a way to show them just how special and loved they are. To let them know they’ve worked their way into your heart, and you want to pampurr them as they deserve!

The 10 Best Ways to Spoil Your Feline Furbaby

1. Be affectionate: Now, cats are not the same as the rambunctious canine kiddos we have at home. But just because they are quieter and a little more independent doesn’t mean they don’t crave the same praise and affection that pooches do. Shower your cats with kisses and hugs even on the days they may be showing some “cattitude!”

2. Veterinarian visits are important: Keep illnesses and problems like pesky parasites away by ensuring vet visits are regular and timely. Cur-tail fleas and ticks by seeing the vet for preventative medicines and anti-parasite products. A healthy cat is a happy one! For veterinary advice, connect with a licensed veterinarian 24/7 through Wag! Health.

3. Microchip your pet: In the unlikely event that your feline friend escapes outside, having them microchipped is a safe way to avoid cat-astrophe. With the precautionary measure of this identification method, it means that with the help of the microchip, your cat will make their way back to you more easily.

4. Provide toys and treats: Does your furry BFF think an empty box is just the cat’s meow? No need to spend tons of money on toys. Along with a few store-bought balls and bangles, provide hours of cat-approved fun with a paper bag or a bunched up piece of paper.

5. Train and entertain:  Cats are just as trainable as dogs. The saying goes, praise and positive reinforcement are key in training the woofers in our life, and it’s no different with a cat. A feline that is physically and mentally stimulated will be more content than a bored and stressed out kitty.

6. Allow for exercise: Whether indoors on a climbable cat tree or with a harness and leash for a meander around the yard, cats need exercise just like other furry four-leggers. Give your furball the op-purr-tunity to run, stretch, and climb just like their ancestors used to do. Food toys are another way to give your cat a reason to move and play.

7. Dental health is key: Don’t forget your purr-fect partner has dental health needs. Not all cats are keen on the tooth brushing routine, but you can ask your vet for instructions on how it’s done. Additionally, buy a kibble created for dental care and ask your cat’s veterinary caregiver about oral rinses that may be easier to work with than a toothbrush.

8. Use a cat carrier: When you have to take your cat to the vet or the sitter, put them in a cat carrier for the drive. It’s safer for both you and your feline friend if they are confined in a secure space.

9. Provide a cat scratching post: A scratching post is an essential item in a home with cats. Purr-chase one before you even bring your new cat into the house so they’ll use it right off the bat. It’s easier to introduce your busy kitty to a scratching post before they decide the furniture is the best place to sharpen their nails.

10. Friends are furever: Cats are very social animals, just like dogs. We can’t take our cats out to the dog park, so the ideal solution for a feline family member is to bring a cat in! Consider adopting a second cat from a shelter, effectively giving another kitty a second lease on life. Make sure you have two litter boxes and take it slow when introducing the cats for the first time. Once they’ve made the acquaintance, you’ll see they will be best friends in no time.

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