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Man Devotes His Life to Adopting Senior Dogs


After Steve Greig's beloved dog died, he was beside himself with grief. After several months, he decided to turn his grief around by adopting the "least adoptable senior" dog he could find at his local Denver, Colorado shelter. After learning that thousands of senior dogs are up for adoption every day, and are very hard to place, Greig made it his mission to help. “I was just so distraught about [that death],” Steve told Zainab Akande of the Dodo. “I decided that the only way I would feel better was if something good happened that probably wouldn’t have happened if he had not died.”

Ten senior dogs later, Greig spends his days caring for the needs of his furry friends. Before going to work as a full time accountant Steve is up by 5 a.m. every day to feed and walk his ten dogs. He's especially fond of adopting older dogs because they are infinitely wiser, and “know who they are.”

Make sure to check out the gang on Steve’s Instagram page, if you’d like to follow their adventures. Photos courtesy of wolfgang2242


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Judy Messana


What a wonderful man goodwill bless him I am sure

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