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Pet Parent Guilt: You’re Not Alone!


The next time your pooch gives you sad puppy eyes as you walk out the door, do this.

We’ve all heard about “mom guilt”; the feeling a parent gets when they have to leave their little one behind. But did you know that a recent survey showed that 80 percent of pet parents also feel guilty when they have to leave their dogs for a long period of time? 

So next time your pooch is giving you those sad puppy eyes as you walk out the door, know you’re not alone and there are things you can do to make sure he or she is happy, healthy and entertained while you’re gone.

  • Interactive Toys: Toys like this treat ball will keep your pooch entertained for hours by offering him or her a reward for playing safely around the house. Puzzles for pups are also another great way to keep your dog entertained by earning treats while you’re not there. This Hide and Slide Puzzle will stimulate your dog's mind and help wear him or her out while your gone during the day.

  • Let Your Dog Watch TV: Simply turning your TV to Animal Planet or another station that regularly features animals can actually hold your dog’s attention just like it would any other member of your family! The sights and sounds of other animals stimulate your furry friend’s brain, keeping him or her from finding whatever they shouldn’t be getting into. Another option is to subscribe to Dog TV, which features 24/7 dog-friendly programming scientifically developed to provide the right company for dogs when left alone. If all else fails, tune your radio into an AM talk station so your pal can hear human voices throughout the day.

  • Schedule a Walk: Just because you’re gone all day, doesn’t mean your pet can’t head outside and see the world. Using Wag!’s on-demand pet walking services to schedule a recurring walk, means dogs receive 30 or 60 minute walks at the same time each day, ensuring they are properly exercised and happy when you arrive home.

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