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Taegan — Now Living the Life She Deserves


Few things in life are as heartwarming as seeing a happy dog — whether the pup is playing fetch, swimming, or just on a nice walk around the neighborhood. Such a sight brings joy to just about everyone who encounters the lucky pet.

This story is about a dog, Taegan, who’s now living the life of a happy dog, but who was found in a much different state. We share this story because it helps explain why our relationship with GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank is so important to those of us at Wag!.

Your walks with Wag! provide meals for shelter dogs

You see, we donate a portion of the proceeds from Wag! walks to this amazing nonprofit, which helps purchase meals for shelter dogs across the country. That enables shelters to spend money that would've gone toward food on other things, such as veterinary care. So far, walks with Wag! have provided more than eight million meals for these pups. 

Now back to Taegan. When she first came to the attention of Home Fur-Ever Rescue, a Detroit shelter affiliated with GreaterGood.org, Taegan had been harshly mistreated and dragged down a city street. A concerned citizen contacted Home Fur-Ever, whose volunteers soon found the dog, who had somehow managed to drag herself from the curb and into a nearby abandoned building. 

Volunteers come to Taegan's rescue

A stray dog, Taegan gets rescued by local dog shelter and now receives proper stabilization, pain medication, and treatment at a veterinary hospital

Taegan was curled up in a ball on a cold concrete floor, hiding behind discarded tires. She was quivering in pain and lying in urine tinged red with blood. Quickly realizing the extent of her injuries, the volunteers rushed Taegan to the closest emergency vet. There, she was stabilized, received pain medication, and then transported to a veterinary hospital to receive further treatment. 

Thankfully, Taegan made a full recovery. She’s now living the life that every animal deserves. After nearly dying from the abuse she suffered, she now knows unlimited love. She has a family that dotes on her, and she lives in a comfortable home with all the toys she could ever want, along with a bowl of food that is always full. She’ll never have to worry about being hurt, cold, or hungry again.

Proud to partner with GreaterGood.org

As a result of GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank, Home Fur-Ever can feed approximately 100 dogs cared for in foster homes. Without fosters volunteering to care for and house the animals, Home Fur-Ever would not be able to rescue dogs. Home Fur-Ever says its veterinary bills are staggering, and it would not be possible to care for these animals and find them forever homes without Rescue Bank donated food.

Wag! is proud to partner with GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank — and we know pet parents and pet care providers on the Wag! platform are gratified by the work this nonprofit does to benefit dogs, like Taegan, who spend time in shelters across the country. 

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