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My name is Tony I have a blue nose pit bull that’s 4 years old. I’ve had a few dogs growing up some where my moms some where my grandmas but I’ve been around dogs since I was a baby. I know all the things you need to know about what dogs can and can’t eat and signs that dogs give to express how they are feeling and what calms them when they are scared or have anxiety. So I have a strong care for dogs and like being around them.

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Dog Boarding in West Hollywood

The swanky city of West Hollywood may be an idyllic place to live, but you'll no doubt want to escape the Sunset Strip from time to time for a change of scenery. “Unfurtunately”, leaving town often means leaving your precious fur-baby behind.

Think that sending Scoob to a kennel is the best option? Think again! Dog boarding and dog sitting in West Hollywood are "pawsome" alternatives to traditional kennels. 

Dog boarders and sitters will care for your canine in a home environment, which is likely to soothe their anxiety about being away from their favorite humans. 

Many overnight caregivers also provide dog walking services in West Hollywood. With your permission, your chosen caregiver can take your pooch for a leashed stroll along the Tujunga Wash Greenway in North Hollywood, which is sure to help put their mind at ease.

Looking for a dog sitter or boarder in West Hollywood? Let's look at the options and average cost. 

Average Cost of Dog Boarding in West Hollywood

In West Hollywood and across Los Angeles, you'll find dozens of dog boarding facilities waiting to care for your pupper. Most standard kennels include a basic room, feedings, and supervised outdoor playtime. Around West Hollywood, you can expect to pay between $50 and $70 per night for standard dog boarding.

Many kennels also offer premium packages in case pet parents want the best possible care for their mutt. These packages often include bigger, private rooms, extra one-on-one playtime, temperature control, and even webcams so you can keep an eye on your canine.

It's worth noting that most of these facilities charge extra over the holidays and for dogs with medical and dietary requirements. Some will also charge you for toys and food, so check the terms and conditions before booking. 

If you don't like the sound of sending your pup to a traditional West Hollywood dog boarder, why not check out the dog boarding services on the Wag! platform? With dog boarding rates starting at $44 per night on average, Wag! offers an affordable, reliable alternative that's sure to keep your pupper's tail wagging!

Average Cost of Dog Sitting in West Hollywood

If you'd sleep easier knowing your fur-baby is cuddled up in their favorite spot on their home turf, then consider booking a West Hollywood dog sitter instead.

Because dog sitters care for your hound at your home, they tend to charge more — usually between $120 and $150 per night in West Hollywood. This fee doesn't include extras like walks, holiday rates, and travel expenses. 

Some dog sitters only operate during certain hours, so check to ensure your chosen sitter fits your woofer's schedule. Always read the terms and conditions before booking, as there are often hidden charges that will make your dog sitter that bit more expensive. 

WeHo dog sitting services on the Wag! app start at $39 per night on average, so you'll have a bit of extra spending money for your trip. All fees are also transparent and upfront, meaning you won't get any nasty surprise bills when you get home. 

Dog Boarding in West Hollywood

Your fur-baby will feel right at home with a dog boarder through Wag!. Booking is super simple — download the Wag! app, sign up for an account or log in to an existing one, and go to the "Boarding" tab under the Overnight Care section. Enter details about Tucker and your trip, and you'll be given a list of vetted dog boarders near you. 

Each dog boarder has a profile with information about their pet care experience. Many Pet Caregivers with Wag! specialize in caring for specific breeds, age groups, and behavioral needs, so check their profiles to find the right fit. You can also quickly tell who's a superstar in your neighborhood by checking their star rating.

You won't be short of superstars across West Hollywood, either — 95% of all sessions booked on the Wag! app end in a flawless 5-star review. Booking a dog boarder through Wag! is also sure to ease your pup’s anxiety, as they'll be cared for in a comfy home environment. 

Got any questions for your sitter or need an update? You can contact your overnight caregiver 24/7 via Wag! Chat to check on your doggo. Your dog boarder will also send you pics and videos of your pup, so you know Bella is having a ball.

Dog Sitting in West Hollywood

If you'd be happier with your pupper watching over your home while away, check out West Hollywood dog sitters on the Wag! platform. 

Booking is straightforward. Download the Wag! app, log in or sign up, and go to the "Sitting" tab under the Overnight Care section. Then, you'll just need to schedule your sleepover and enter some details about your doggo.

Once you've found the perfect candidate, you can discuss your hound's special medical or dietary requirements, as well as anything else the Pet Caregiver needs to know about your house.

While you're away, you'll get updates from your dog sitter so you can rest easy knowing your pup and your home are in safe hands. 

Whether you have an energetic Jack Russell or a laid-back Great Dane, you'll find the "pawfect" West Hollywood dog boarder or sitter through Wag!. Download the Wag! app now and start planning the "ultimutt" sleepover for Snoopy.
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