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I am a huge dog lover and have worked closely with a rescue for awhile. I have had fosters in my home several times and rescued my baby through the same organization. I love all animals and will give each and every dog I encounter tons of love!!

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I'm a stay-at-home mom with two teenagers and a great husband. Our beloved dog Duke, a Black Lab mix rescue dog, recently passed away so we’re searching for a new pup to bring into our family. I’ve been walking for Wag for 4+ years and absolutely love my furry clients! Every walk is a new adventure

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Dog Boarding in Denver

The Mile-High City is a great place to live, but you’ll undoubtedly want to leave the city's snowy streets once in a while for somewhere a bit warmer. But what do you do with Fido while you're away?

Before putting your pupper up in a kennel, look at some of the excellent dog sitters and boarders in Denver. As well as providing your doggo with top-notch care while you're out of town, many sitters and boarders offer dog walking services in Denver. With your permission, your canine caregiver can take your pupper on an on-leash adventure down the Highline Canal.

Unsure about the best options? Here's everything you need to know about dog sitting and boarding in Denver.

Average Cost of Dog Boarding in Denver, CO

You'll find a mix of luxury and basic Denver dog boarding facilities during your search. Luxury services will pamper your pup with a huge room with a human bed, flatscreen TV, and lots of toys. Your pooch will also get lots of outside playtime and treats to keep them happy. However, luxury accommodation for Fido doesn't come cheap and can cost between $100 to $125 per night. 

Basic kennels are a less expensive option. Kennels cost around $50 per night, but your pup won't be as comfortable as they are at home or in a fancy suite. Basic kennels also might not suit your hound if they're skittish or suffer from anxiety. 

Make sure you check your chosen accommodation’s pricing structure, as many places will charge extra for walks and food. Many boarders will require proof of vaccinations and microchipping before letting your canine companion stay. 

Another option is to book a dog boarder on the Wag! platform. Your pupper will love having a sleepover at a caregiver's home. Boarders also charge as little as $39 per night, making this one of the most affordable options around. 

Average Cost of Dog Sitting in Denver, CO

You might be a bit wary of taking your fur-baby to stay somewhere, and you may prefer they stay at home. Denver dog sitters charge between $70 and $90 for an overnight stay.

Dog sitters in Denver are in high demand. As a result, you should try to book your chosen sitter around a month in advance. Most sitters charge additional fees for travel expenses and pet supplies, so you may find yourself paying substantially more than the base price.

Overnight sitters generally stay from 8 pm to 8 am, so you'll need to arrange a separate visit during the day so your woofer can go for walkies. Always read the fine print when signing up for a Denver dog sitter near you, as most have hidden fees. 

Dog Boarding in Denver, CO

You won't be disappointed when you book a dog boarder through Wag!. All dog boarders on the Wag! platform are fully vetted. Each boarder must pass safety and handling tests, as well as a background check to ensure they're right for the job. 

You won't have any trouble finding the perfect boarder on the Wag! app. Just log in, click on the "Boarding" tab, and enter details about your pup and the dates you're scheduled to be out of town. Then you'll unlock a list of local dog boarders ready to care for Fido. 

While you're gone, your caregiver will keep you up-to-date with adorable videos and pics of your furry friend. You can even speak to your boarder through Wag! Chat if you forgot to tell them something.

Many dog boarders through Wag! have loved dogs their whole life and boast a range of experience caring for pets, from volunteering at shelters to working as vet techs. Over 99% of dog boarding sessions through Wag! end in a 5-star review, so you know your doggo is in safe hands!

Dog Sitting in Denver, CO

Dog sitters through Wag! ensure your pooch and your home are well taken care of while you're away. You can book a dog sitter in a similar way to a dog boarder — just head to the "Sitting" tab on the Wag! app and enter the details of your trip. You'll then gain access to a list of available dog sitters in Denver. After you've picked a dog sitter, contact them through Wag! Chat and let them know if your woofer is on any medication or has any special dietary requirements. 

You'll have no trouble finding one of the best dog sitters in Denver — each one earns a star rating from satisfied pet parents after completing each job. Your superstar sitter will send your pics and videos, so you can rest easy knowing everything is okay at the homestead. As with dog boarders, sitters are properly vetted through background checks and tests to ensure your dog and home are safe. 

When picking out a dog sitter, consider your dog's age and breed. Some sitters specialize in Pit Bulls or have lots of experience with older dogs, so you can find a specially-suited dog sitter for your pup. 

Your dog sitter will provide your mutt with endless playtime and potty breaks. With your permission, your carer can even take Lucky for a much-needed walk to help them burn off some pent-up energy. 

Whether you're going on holiday or you're just looking for someone to keep Sparky company while you're at work, Denver dog boarders and dog sitters through Wag! have your back. Jump on the Wag! app to find a canine caregiver who can keep your pooch company!

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