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Las Vegas may be known for its entertainment and sleepless nights, but to some, it’s known as home. Over 632,912 people feel this way, and live their day to day life in this beautiful place. The city is the cultural center for Nevada and is extremely dog-friendly! That being said, like any city, there are dogs here who need your help to get off of the streets! These puppers are spending sleepless nights not having fun, but rather, experiencing fear, loneliness and homelessness. 

Dog shelters like “Heaven Can Wait” help house all of these ‘unwanted’ animals in a 20-acre plot of land. Not only do they shelter the dogs, they take care of medical fees and make every effort to reduce euthanasia rates. Having saved 119,000 cats and dogs over a span of 10 years, their reputation makes them a popular place in Nevada. 

Another place worth mentioning is the Golden Retriever Rescue! It’s an all-volunteer based organization that provides a second chance to Goldies who are abandoned or neglected. It’s partnered with Pet Net, which lets dog owners who can no longer keep their dog know that their furry friend will be in good hands, and rehomes these pups to someone who can care for them. 

Both of these shelters are always looking for extra hands, and with Nevada’s policy being three dogs to a home, you probably have the ability to save at least one pup! If you cannot take on any more animal members than the opportunity to foster, or donate is always a great alternative. 

Upcoming Dog Friendly Events in Las Vegas DownTown

  • Admission $15.00
    Month December
    Duration 3 hours

    #1 Bark Happy: Hot Dogs & Hot Chocolate


    Hello Animal Lovers! Bring your pooch to the Hot Dogs & Hot Chocolate (no this is not catered to Dachshunds) event where your dog pal will get their own winter party while helping a charitable cause—The Animal Foundation! Your pooch can even enter the doggy treat eating contest — so if you think they’ve got what it takes then sign them up! Give your barker a chance to model for the day using the photo station. You never know, there may even be a scout there ready to scoop up your dog to be the next face of dog treats!

    Dog friendly event?
  • Admission $25.00
    Month November

    #2 Dogs Giving Thanks


    If your dog were to celebrate Thanksgiving and talk about what they were thankful for, would it be you? Your furry friend is family, so take them to Keelin’s Dog Boarding: Dogs Giving Thanks so they can tell all their furry family members just how much they love you… and treats. There will be a Holiday Feast just for puppers, complete with doggy bags for any leftovers (let’s be honest, there won’t be any). Also, a portion of the ticket price will be going to the Poppy Foundation to give cats a gift for their holiday — see, dogs just want to be friends with felines!

    Dog friendly event?
  • Admission $5.00
    Month February

    #3 Annual Vegas Pet Expo


    The Vegas Pet Expo is a chance to glam up your pup with the latest and greatest doggie toys and pet care. With live entertainment, your dog can jam out, eat treats and hopefully win some cool prizes. All doggy poop bags will be provided to you by and Poo Snatchers will also handle all waste for the night! There is so much that you and your best pup-friend can learn, see and do at the expo. All ticket sales will help shelters and rescues to participate in this event for free, so show your support for the pup world!

    Dog friendly event?
  • Admission FREE!
    Month October
    Duration Saturday Morning

    #4 Pokemon Go & Workout with your dog ; Paw-kemon Go!


    So, it’s Saturday morning and your dog is staring at you because he wants to go for a walk, but you just want to keep playing Pokémon Go. What you don't realize is that you’re not giving him a chance to show you his skills! It's time to take it to the park! The Paul Meyer Park in Spring Valley, that is. They host Paw-kemon Go! every Saturday to give you and your fluff buddy something to do together. The activity uses the Pokémon Go app to promote and encourage working out with your dog while having fun. Who knows, maybe he’s better at the game than you are?

    Dog friendly event?
  • Admission FREE!
    Month April
    Duration Saturdays April-May

    #5 Paws & Boot Camp For the Badass Dash


    If you buy a dog, you know that you’re going to have to stay active, right? Because, the truth is, they love the outdoors, running, and just challenging you in general. The Badass Dash is a perfect way to test your skills against your pupper through an obstacle mud race (to exfoliate your skin obviously, 2-in-1 deal)! It's 4 miles worth of obstacles and takes lots of determination to complete. The Paws & Bootcamp is a free way to get in shape with your dog, so you can shine during the actual race. The best part about it is that you’ll meet your competition beforehand, and, as we mentioned, its FREE!

    Dog friendly event?
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