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Wag! is the nation's fastest-growing network of pre-screened and insured dog walkers, sitters, and trainers. In less than 15 minutes you can book a nearby dog sitter, daycare provider, or dog walker, who'll take complete care of your loved one - at their place or yours.

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Hi I’m Victoria! I am currently a graduate student at Mercer University. My pet care experience includes volunteering at an animal shelter to train and care for dogs, working at a pet boarding company, and pet sitting for various people. I have such a deep love for animals and am looking forward to meeting your fur babies!!!

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Hello everyone! My name is Taylor. I absolutely love animals. I grew up riding horses, raising chickens, and playing with the dogs. I have a rescue puppy of my own, and it has been such a joy watching him grow up. I look forward to meeting you and your pup!

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About Dog Training in Atlanta, GA

Training Fun Fact #1:

Your mutt might not be able to read a clock, but dogs can tell time! (Well, sort of.) A recent study found that, when dogs are waiting on something to happen, a set of previously undiscovered neurons fire in their brains. That’s why it’s important to stick to a regular feeding and potty schedule. This nifty discovery also affects your dog’s training. Once your dog knows the basics of a command, switch up the duration and rewards to keep them guessing.

Training Fun Fact #2:

If you’re the lucky parent of a herding dog, you might’ve noticed that your hound tries to herd other humans as well as animals. Don’t mistake this for bad behavior — although herding is an instinct, that doesn’t make it acceptable. Fortunately, you can train your dog to stop herding with a few simple commands. “Watch me” helps divert their attention from other animals to you.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Did you know that a Bloodhound’s sense of smell is so acute that it counts as evidence in a court of law? Bloodhounds are so efficient at tracking that they can follow a scent trail over 100 miles long! This is just one reason why they’re so effective at search and rescue training. Though it can take up to 8 months to train a Bloodhound in search and rescue, their natural tracking abilities will help them get the hang of it quickly.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta in-home dog trainers typically charge by the hour. Extra consultation and/or mileage fees may apply. You can expect to pay between $95 and $150 per hour for private, in-home dog training in Atlanta. Some training packages cost over $1,000 for two weeks of in-home obedience training. Although this fee includes extra resources and enrollment in other training classes at the facility, it may not be the most wallet-friendly option.

How much do Atlanta group obedience dog training classes cost? Classes start at $180 for 5 weeks. Puppy training classes range from $100 to $120 for a 4-week course. The price of specialized training — including agility, dock diving, and tracking — varies based on whether you’re scheduling individual sessions or purchasing a package. Expect to pay a minimum of $80 per hour for agility training. Group classes cost $180 for 5 weeks. However, these classes are tiered, so you’ll invest more than $550 over a three-month period to complete your agility training. Note that some classes are dependent on the weather. 

Come rain or shine, Atlanta dog trainers with Wag! are waiting to work with you and your woofer on obedience, behavior, and socialization. Download the Wag! app, book a session that works with your schedule, and message your trainer to create a detailed training plan. Dog trainers with Wag! bring the obedience classes to you for a fraction of the price of most dog training services in Atlanta — starting at $60 per hour.

Going Off-Leash in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta has some of the coolest off-leash dog parks in the country. (Where else would you find a pup playground attached to a coffee shop?) According to the City of Atlanta’s “Laws for Paws”, all pooches playing at the dog park must be under voice control and in sight at all times. Remember, you’re responsible for your buddy’s behavior! Work with an Atlanta dog trainer to sharpen your fur-baby’s socialization skills and manners before going off-leash in Atlanta.

Check out Piedmont Dog Park -- the perfect destination for first-timers, with just over 3 acres of dirt and wood chips to roll around in. Since this park contains 2 separate areas for small and large dogs, your woofer will have no trouble finding some new friends their own size. If your pupper plays well with dogs of all shapes and sizes, Atlantic Station Dog Park will be a treat. The big boys and girls won’t have a whole lot of room to roam around at this small park, so you might not find many giant breeds here. 

If Max is making good strides in their socialization skills, treat them to some leash-free playtime at ParkGrounds Dog Park. You’ll always find some canine compadres to play with at this popular dog park connected to a coffee shop. While your buddy is busy romping, rolling, and sniffing, you can enjoy a bite of breakfast and your favorite hot drink at the outdoor seating area.

Dog Training in Atlanta, GA

The ATL boasts an impeccable reputation as one of the dog-friendliest cities in America — and for good reason! Not only is it home to hundreds of dog-friendly restaurants and parks, but it’s also one of the most affordable places for pet parents to live. Atlanta’s commitment to its canine citizens is also apparent in its no-kill shelters, which help more than 10,000 dogs find their forever home each year. This wouldn’t be “pawssible” without the help of dedicated volunteers. Many Atlanta dog trainers volunteer at the city’s adoption centers, spending quality time with the dogs and teaching basic obedience and manners.

Which dog breeds will you find living large in Atlanta? The Shih Tzu is on the top 10 list of most popular dog breeds in Atlanta. These lap dogs are super charming and cute — and don’t they know it! To instill good manners in your Shih Tzu, resist the temptation to give in to those adorable puppy dog eyes when they get into mischief. Stay calm and firm, yet positive during obedience training. Is your Shih Tzu a little stubborn? Find an Atlanta dog trainer on the Wag! app to chat about your Shih Tzu’s behavior and create a personalized training plan.

The Goldendoodle is another of the most popular hounds in A-Town. Because the Goldendoodle is a mixed breed, traits and temperament will vary from dog to dog. Generally speaking, Goldendoodles are highly energetic and intelligent, so when it comes to training, you’ll certainly be kept on your toes! The good news is, Goldendoodles will do just about anything to keep their humans happy. An experienced Atlanta dog trainer can determine the best course of action for your Goldendoodle’s unique personality and traits.

The Wag! app makes it easy to fit your dog’s training around your work life and your budget. With the help of an Atlanta dog trainer, you can unleash your pup’s potential in the comfort of your own home.

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© 2022 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.