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“My dogs told me I’d be great at this!”

I’m Olivia. I’ve been lucky enough to be the dog mom to 2 amazing (small/medium size) mixed breed rescue dogs for 6 years now, and they are the loves of my life! Before them, I did have some experience caring for a variety of other species of pets growing up through the years. I pride myself on being a dedicated worker who strives to go above and beyond expectations always!

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Dog first aid and/or CPR, Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Injected medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Fast walker, Dogs who pull, Puppy care, Training experience, Obedience training, Agility training, Behavioral training, Socialization training, Potty training, Therapy training, Service training, Puppy training

Hello! I look forward to meeting your best friend! I have owned dogs my whole life and volunteered at animal shelters walking dogs for several years. I am extremely energetic and love going on long walks/runs and love a buddy to exercise with! Can also do other care duties as needed!

Background Checked

High Demand

Top Pet Caregiver

Training Provider

Training Exam Complete

Socially Distanced Pet Care


Can run with dogs, Oral medicine administration, Senior dog care, Special needs dog care, High energy dogs, Fast walker, Dogs who pull, Puppy care

About Dog Training in Cleveland, OH

Training Fun Fact #1:

Why do dogs howl? Illness, separation anxiety, and responding to other sounds are all common culprits. Excessive howling can also stem from a behavioral issue, like wanting attention or food. When training your dog to stop howling, the first step is to identify the trigger. From there, you can choose a training method. Ignoring your dog when they howl for attention (after ensuring all their basic needs are met) and rewarding them for being quiet are good starting points.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Training your dog doesn’t have to be all work and no play! Why not teach your doggo a fun game that will stimulate their brains and impress your friends? Training your dog to play hide and seek will be a walk in the (dog) park. You’ll want to start off easy, letting your dog see you hide and rewarding them when they “find” you. From there, you can up the ante and make the game harder, increasing the distance and finding new hiding places. This is a great challenge for your pooch that lets them put their powerful senses of smell and hearing to good use.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Is anything cuter than a snoozing puppy? It can be tempting to go for pets or puppy kisses while your little one is counting sheep, but it’s important to resist the temptation. Just like human babies, puppies sleep for most of the day — and they can get cranky if they’re deprived of their beauty sleep! Training your pupper to sleep in a designated spot is one way to establish a regular sleeping routine. Remember, canines are creatures of habit, and they feel happiest with set times for napping, pottying, and walking.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Cleveland, OH

In-home Cleveland dog training starts at $85 per hour on average. Additional cancellation fees may apply for missed sessions. Some private dog trainers in Cleveland offer packages of in-home training sessions instead of charging per session. These packages start at $200 per session and are usually billed in a lump sum.

Considering a group class for the newest puppy in your pack who needs some assistance with basic manners? Puppy training group classes in Cleveland, OH start at $200 for a 6-week course. Basic obedience classes for older dogs start at $140 and typically last for 6 weeks. Boarding and training programs in Cleveland are one of the most expensive options. These programs could set you back anywhere from $1,400 to $3,000 for 1 to 4 weeks.

Prefer not to fork out big bucks on Cleveland dog training? On the Wag! app, you can discover a wide selection of experienced and affordable Cleveland dog trainers who can create a customized training plan to meet your dog’s needs. Sign up for a Wag! account, choose the date and time of your session, select a trainer, and start chatting. Whether you choose to host the session in your own home or at a public place, you’re in full control of your dog’s training. Starting at just $60 per one hour-long session, dog training with Wag! is a budget-friendly option that works around your busy life.

Going Off-Leash in Cleveland, OH

The City of Cleveland offers an abundance of dog parks where your woofer can go wild off-leash. All canine visitors are required to have a current license as well as ID and vaccination tags. Pet parents must supervise their dogs at all times. Dogs who engage in aggressive behaviors will be asked to leave. As long as you stick to these standard rules, you’ll be frolicking and romping in Cleveland's off-leash dog parks before you know it!

The Downtown Dog Park is an excellent spot for socialized dogs to find some new four-legged companions. This compact off-leash zone is located right next to a train station and sees plenty of visitors, which means it’s best suited for dogs who can handle lots of activity and distractions. Woofers of all shapes and sizes play in one enclosure here, so be sure your dog plays well with everyone.

If you’d prefer to play at a dog park with separate areas for small and large dogs, Lakewood Dog Park is just the ticket. One of the most popular dog parks in the Cleveland metro area, Lakewood comes complete with pools in the summer where your pal can do a little doggy paddling. If Lassie isn’t quite ready to let loose yet, keep the leash attached and hike the trails winding through Rocky River Reservation. A Cleveland dog trainer on the Wag! app can help you and Rufus get ready for some off-leash freedom.

Dog Training in Cleveland, OH

Does the newest puppy in your pack need some help learning the rules of the roost? Got a stubborn hound whose bad behaviors are driving you barking mad? Or are you just looking to occupy your dog’s mind with some cute new tricks? Cleveland dog trainers on the Wag! app are ready and waiting to lend a helping paw with whatever training fundamentals you require. Once you’ve set the date and time, you can choose a trainer near you and message them in-app to discuss your dog’s temperament, behavior issues, and training needs.

What kinds of breeds are Cleveland dog trainers working with? Mutts have stolen the hearts of pet parents living in The Forest City. In terms of temperament and trainability, mixed breeds can be a bit of a mixed bag! While examining the traits of the parent breeds is a good place to start, every mutt has a unique personality and will require a bespoke approach to training. Dog trainers in Cleveland with Wag! can create the personalized training plan your mutt needs to succeed.

The Beagle also ranks high on the list of most popular dog breeds in Cleveland. Hunting and tracking are strong instincts for Beagles — teaching recall and obedience is essential to keeping these escape artists safe and sound. Although treats work wonders for positive reinforcement training, you’ll want to dole them out sparingly to your Beagle. These stocky hounds can pack on the pounds easily!

Labradors and German Shepherds also feature on the list of top 10 breeds in Cleveland. These gentle giants want nothing more than to cuddle up with their families after a fun day at the dog park. Their unmatched loyalty and intelligence make them the top canine teammates for search-and-rescue efforts, K9 units, and bomb detection squads. 

No matter what breed your fur-baby is, every pup could use a little support sometimes. Book a session with a Cleveland dog trainer on the Wag! app today and design a fully customized training plan in just a few clicks.

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