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Wag! is the nation's fastest-growing network of pre-screened and insured dog walkers, sitters, and trainers. In less than 15 minutes you can book a nearby dog sitter, daycare provider, or dog walker, who'll take complete care of your loved one - at their place or yours.

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Hi my name is Leslie, and I am a 21 year old Nashville transplant! I've grown up with various dog breeds from Pit bulls, to Weiner dog mixes! I've had an incredible love for dogs for as long as I can remember! I have experience walking dogs, dog sitting, boarding, socializing, and even helping foster liters of puppies as young as 3 weeks old! I am also a certified dog trainer. I always have the dog's best interest in mind when caring for them, and can't wait to meet you, and you best friend!

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I have been in the pet care industry for over 8 years. I work independently through wag, and own my own business where I carry my own bonding and insurance. I am always trustworthy, reliable and respectful of your home. I have received outstanding reviews for my services on various social media and internet platforms. I love to send pictures and updates about your dogs visit and look forward to building that special bond with your best fur friend!

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About Dog Training in Nashville, TN

Training Fun Fact #1:

Whether you’re working on obedience, agility, tricks, or puppy training fundamentals, it’s imperative for pet parents to take an active role in each training session. You’ll learn just as much from your dog as they’ll learn from you. Practicing mindfulness during and even outside of your sessions can work wonders for your dog’s progress. Pay attention to your fur-baby’s body language and behavior during each session. Your dog’s emotional intelligence puts them in tune with your body language and behavior, too, so be mindful of how you react. Dogs don’t respond well to frustration, anger, or other negative emotions.

Training Fun Fact #2:

Chances are you’ve seen those adorable viral videos where a pupper comes face to face with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle: the stairs. Some dogs can bound up and down the stairs no problem, while other pups might struggle to ascend even one step. One trick to train your puppy to go up stairs is to associate the stairs with something positive. In other words, make them fun and inviting! (Treats will come in handy here.) Puppies who have a negative experience trying to climb up or down the stairs may become fearful of them.

Training Fun Fact #3:

Training a Shih Tzu to behave can be a little tricky. These doggy divas pile on the charm when they want to get their way. To prevent them from developing an alpha complex, resist the temptation to give in to those puppy-dog eyes. Socialization, regular feeding and potty schedules, and a solid foundation of obedience training are key for raising a well-behaved Shih Tzu. Practice obedience often and in short bursts — on walks, before mealtimes, and during play sessions.

Average Cost of Dog Training in Nashville, TN

The cost of in-home dog training in Nashville, TN starts at $75 per session. Some in-home dog trainers in Nashville bundle several sessions into a package instead of charging an hourly rate or by the session.

Debating on signing up for group dog training classes in Nashville? Puppy training costs $125 for a 6-week group class on average. These classes teach fundamentals like potty training, crate training, and basic obedience. Other Nashville dog training classes for adolescent and adult dogs focus on a specific set of skills, like good manners, leash training, and canine cognition. Considering sending your canine off to boarding school? Board and train programs in Nashville could set you back anywhere from $500 to $1,500 a month.

Hoping to save a few bucks on Nashville dog training options? Look no further. Nashville dog trainers with Wag! offer a more affordable, flexible solution. Starting at just $60 per hour, you and your chosen trainer can work together on commands and good behavior, all in the comfort of your own home. Dog training with Wag! puts you in control of every aspect of your pup’s training, from the time and place right down to the content. Why not book a dog training session today and see what everyone’s barking about?

Going Off-Leash in Nashville, TN

Dog owners will be delighted to discover Nashville’s off-leash dog parks. But before you hit the pup playground, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the rules. Visitors must supervise their dogs at all times. Dogs engaging in aggressive behaviors will not only be required to leave the park immediately, but may also be prohibited from returning. Owners assume all responsibility for their dog’s behavior as well as any property damage caused. Not sure your pal is ready to play yet? Connect with a dog trainer in Nashville to work on their manners.

One of Nashville’s most popular dog parks, Centennial Dog Park is a great place to treat your social Sheltie to a little off-leash freedom. Separate areas for small and large breeds ensure all pups play safely. Riverfront Dog Park is another firm favorite with locals and visitors alike, with plenty of space to romp and roam. Finally, Two Rivers Dog Park will appeal to humans as well as hounds, with a spacious off-leash area, a 10-mile greenway, a skate park, and so much more.

Ready to start exploring Nashville’s off-leash zones? Brush up on your buddy’s obedience and you’ll be socializing in no time!

Dog Training in Nashville, TN

Did you know there are more dogs living in downtown Nashville than kids? That means there’s always a need for qualified, vetted dog trainers in Nashville. Despite Nashville’s ever-growing urban sprawl, a wide range of breeds large and small call Music City home. From big and brawny Rottweilers to petite and energetic Dachshunds, Nashville’s “pupulation” is just as diverse as its human population.

The Rottweiler is one of the most popular breeds in Nashville. This gentle giant has developed a bad reputation in recent years, but any proud parent of a Rottie will attest these dogs are incredibly loyal and loving toward their humans. Because they’re such people-pleasers, Rotties do best in homes where they can spend lots of time alongside their humans. When it comes to training, the Rottie is highly intelligent and responsive, but may sometimes have a stubborn streak. Avoid roughhousing to discourage aggression.

The Shetland Sheepdog and the Dachshund also make the cut for Nashville’s pet parents. Shelties will excel at any type of training they put their minds and bodies to, from basic obedience to agility and herding. Dachshunds, on the other paw, are as independent as they come and can be tricky to train.

Different breeds have different training needs, but every dog will benefit from one-on-one instruction. Book a Nashville dog training session on the Wag! app today, and you just might be surprised to find how little time it takes to unleash your pal’s potential!

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© 2022 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.