Top Dog Parks in Minneapolis, MN

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Minneapolis with its long, icy winters may not be the first place that comes to mind when you're searching for a dog-friendly city to live in or visit. Because so many folks live in high-rise buildings or houses with tiny yards, the need is grrreat for green spaces where pups can socialize, play and provide their humans with unending entertainment. In fact, this Twin City boasts at least 10 dog parks dedicated to canine fun-and-games within its limits. Some are located in larger parks, others are stand-alone, but all of them contribute tremendously to a pooch's health and well-being - and yours!

#1 Minnehaha Falls Off-Leash Dog Park

This could well be the premier fenced dog-play space in Minneapolis! The small membership fee (for park maintenance and improvement) is well worth the price of admission if your pup loves to explore along wooded trails, sniffing out small mammals and chasing them if they can! The natural setting is lovely, and contains a lake where Fido is welcome to splash about and engage in some water play! Woofderful!

#2 Franklin Terrace Dog Park

This is another membership-only park, but its minimal fees shouldn't discourage you from visiting with your pooch. Its almost 2 acres of fenced space is pawrfect for fetching a ball or frisbee, playing keepaway, running at full speed or endlessly wrestling on the turf! Its proximity to Riverside Park makes it ideal for a double delight of leashed exploration of Riverside followed by free play in the dog park. Furtabulous!

#3 Lake of the Isles Dog Park

Uptown Minneapolis hosts this large dog park with its many shade trees, benches and picnic tables pawrfect for humans to keep an eye on their cavorting pups! Dogs love it because it's a huge, open, fenced space where they can run at full speed or wrestle with their playmates without worry of painful obstructions. While a waste bag station stands at the entrance, you'll have to bring water for you and your romping canine.
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# 4 Lyndale Farmstead Off-Leash Dog Park

Part of the historic Lyndale Farmstead Park with its many human attractions, the off-leash dog park caters to the canine member of the family. The crushed granite surface prevents mud puddles. This park is a perfect solution for night owls with its 6 a.m. to midnight hours. Benches and chairs perch on a patio and circle the perimeter of the fence, and trees provide plenty of shade. It's furtastic!

#5 Loring Park Dog Grounds

The small, but lovely dog park that is Loring is one of the Dog Grounds areas in Minneapolis that charges a membership fee for unlimited entry, although a day pass is available for a few dollars. This park is a furtastic place for its cleanliness and amenities including water, restrooms, and interesting terrain, including pawsome boulders, shade trees and grass! Water is available, but bring bags to keep things looking pawtastic!

#6 North Loop Dog Grounds

Whether your pup is into solitary sniffing and exploring, or really gets into running with a crowd, the North Loop Dog Grounds will fit the bill! Though small, its layout in a narrow, long strip of gravel will warm the hearts of sprinters and ball-chasers! Boulders provide lots of fun for explorers and climbers. Having to bring water and waste bags is a small inconvenience when compared to the raw delight of watching your fur-buddy running flat out!

#7 Lions Valley Place Dog Park

For the residents of the Valley Place neighborhood, this park is a dog-send! It may not be the biggest, but this park has what every dog-lover and pooch want: a safe, fenced space near home where it's okay for furbies to be constraint-free and playful. The park is clean and well-maintained, waste bags are provided, and there's a human kiddos' playground nearby! Bring your own water and use the restroom before you arrive, and Fido will have a blast!

#8 Gateway Dog Grounds at Triangle Park

Local volunteers from Friends of Triangle Park work hard to ensure this city-owned little dog area in Minneapolis's Gateway District is well-maintained. In fact, they planted all of the trees and shrubs to make it pleasant for doggos and humans alike! While leashed puppers are more than welcome in the Triangle Park gardens, the real magnet for them is the fenced area where they can cavort and socialize to their hearts' content and their owners' delight!

#9 St. Anthony Parkway Dog Park

This fee-for-entry pooch-park's location near Minneapolis's Columbia Park makes it a great place to take your pup for some socializing and exercise while the family enjoys the human amenities next door. Its securely fenced, 2-acre space beckons to adventure-seeking canines, and those who just want to run and play. Abundant shade trees are a respite from the sun, and benches appeal to human owners to sit, relax and socialize with their own, too.

#10 Blue Apartments Dog Park

As the name suggests, this pawsome, secure dog park is maintained by an apartment complex, but entry isn't limited to complex residents. Its drainage-friendly turf, dog-washing station and complimentary clean up bags make it as convenient as it could be! Shade trees and a grass-and-gravel surface are pluses, and to top it all off, Fido will find some scrumptious doggy treats on hand! Its smallish size is far outweighed by its convenience and pawsomeness!