University Lake Park Unleashed Dog Area

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Park Rule: On & Off Leash
Restroom: Unknown
Park Size: Large
Small Dog Area: No
Fee: None
University Lake Park in Anchorage, Alaska, is home to the University Lake Park Unleashed Dog Area. This property, located on the Chester Creek Greenbelt near to the Alaska Pacific University, is owned by the federal government and is protected for public use. 

The park itself is primarily off-leash and observes no formal structure or regulations. It is comprised of a number of hiking trails and open play areas. Visitors may enjoy free access to the lake which forms the basis of the park itself.

A favorite haunt of many families, University Lake Park Unleashed Dog Area provides picnic tables and shaded areas for leisurely lunches in an idyllic setting. But this property does not just attract people and their pets, it is also home to many different types of wildlife. For the protection of animals who make the park their home, it is wise to keep dogs with high prey drive leashed during their time at the park.

As with all dog parks, it is required by park officials that all dog owners pick up and properly dispose of any canine waste materials in the provided receptacles. Poop bags are not available in this unstructured, natural play setting. As such, dog owners are requested to come prepared with their own. It is also wise to bring water and a dog dish for your dog's hydration during his hiking time. 

Dog owners should be aware that this park is completely unfenced. For dogs who lack a proper recall, it is best to keep them leashed for their own safety. Park officials do require that all dogs be leashed on state marked hiking routes. 

For dogs and their owners who are looking to blow off steam, this is a tranquil and inspiring spot. Other pet owners report that a leisurely stroll through the wooded portions of the park takes approximately thirty minutes.

The park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Looking for more than just a hike? Consider taking Fido for a swim in the lake or stream. 

For nature-loving enthusiasts, University Lake Park Unleashed Dog Area is heaven on earth!

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4050 University Lake Dr
Anchorage, AK 99508
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4050 University Lake Dr
Anchorage, AK 99508