Everything You Need to Know About Dog Beds

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We at Wag! know that dogs are just as much family members as their humans, and like our human family members, they need a comfy bed for them to get their beauty rest in! Long gone are the days of the standard one-size-fits-all dog bed, replaced by memory foam, elevated, and self-cooling options. The plethora of options can have your mind reeling and your eyes flashing with dollar signs in no time. Don't leave yourself open to that regretful impulse buying mentality! We are here to help you make a mindful purchase that is the pawfect pet bed for your fur-child.

Outdoor Dog Beds

Outdoor pet beds come in many shapes and types, but the one thing these all have in common is they are water and weather resistant. Many outdoor beds are elevated and feature a thin nylon fabric that is reminiscent of a trampoline. Some models even feature a canopy which protects pups from the sun. While these are great for outdoor living, they work just as well in the comfort of your home.

Cooling Dog Beds

Cooling beds work in a couple of different ways depending on type. Water-based types work by manually filling them with cold water but are easily destroyed by chew-happy puppers and have a tendency to warm up the quickest. Gel-based dog beds tend to be pricier, but they stay cool for longer than the refillable variety and are activated only when they are laid on.

Elevated Dog Beds

Have an elderly large breed? If so, an elevated bed may be your best bet. These beds are easier on the joints since the dog doesn't have to fight gravity to stand up or bend low to lay down. Another great aspect of these beds is that most of them have breathable fabric which allows air to flow underneath and keep Fido cool.
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Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic beds aren't just for pampered humans anymore! Large breeds and older dogs may benefit from orthopedic beds since they support the joints and allow for better quality sleep, which promotes healing. Let's not forget to mention they are just doggone comfortable -- and we want our fur-babies to be as comfy as possible! The only downside to these beds is they get pretty pricey.

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Cheaply made dog beds sink in and inhibit blood flow to the extremities. Memory foam pet beds eliminate this problem since they contour to the natural shape of the dog for a comfortable position that still supports their joints. While these are some of the best beds on the market, they tend to be very expensive, so they should not be purchased for a destructive chewer.

Waterproof Dog Beds

Waterproof dog beds are excellent for many types of dogs, including those who partake in territorial marking, senior canines with incontinence issues, heavy duty chewers, and bully breeds who are prone to drooling. These beds are typically treated to make them water-resistant and chew-proof. Another benefit is these are a breeze to clean; just give them a squirt with the hose and you're done!

Heated Dog Beds

For canines with arthritis, heated beds can be an unparalleled blessing. Cold weather can leave elderly or arthritic dogs feeling worse for wear, but a heated bed can relax those tense muscles and stiff joints. Some heated beds can be tough to clean, so make sure you buy one with a removable unit. Battery-operated models are typically safer options, but regardless of type, this is not the bed for chewers.