Everything You Need to Know About Travel Products for Dog

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Vacations are a time to make memories with the people you love, and that includes your furry friend! And with pet-friendly accommodations becoming more and more common, you and your pup can make your dream trips a reality. But whether you’re heading out into the great outdoors or seeking bright lights and city sights, your doggo is still going to need to be fed and walked. You may need to make changes to your car or crate your buddy on public transport. So what exactly do you need to pack for your pooch? Here’s a lowdown of everything you need to keep your canine companion comfortable during your trip.

Bowls and Feeding Supplies

A collapsible food bowl is pawsitively essential for pups who’ll need to chow down on the road. If you’re going to be far away from running water, it’s best to select a material that will wipe clean easily, like silicone. It might be a good idea to pack a second one for water, too! You’ll also need to bring airtight containers to store your buddy’s kibble.


While there’s no need to purchase a special travel collar as such, there are some things a pup parent might like to ponder. Firstly, it’s highly recommended that you make sure your dog’s collar has a tag with your contact details on it. An insect repellent collar might save some trouble in tropical destinations. And if your doggo is a nervous traveler, a pheromone collar might help keep them calm.

Dog Ramps

While some dogs might be able to hop into the front seat of your car without a problem, smaller pooches and older, less mobile furry friends might struggle. Dog ramps allow your pup to walk up to your car and are very useful for doggos with joint issues. Be sure to get one suitable for your dog’s breed -- it wouldn’t do to have the ramp collapse under their weight!
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While more and more campgrounds, hotels, and other accommodation options welcome wagging tails with open arms, most of them will insist that your pup remain on-leash during your stay, which could be strange for those used to running free. The most important thing is to get a leash that your fur-iend is comfortable with. If you’re traveling by air, you can also get one that doesn’t set off metal detectors.


You wouldn’t drive off without your seatbelt, so why should you let your pooch ride without a harness? Not only that, but you run the risk of your dog distracting you if you don’t strap them in. A good harness should be comfortable, have adjustable straps, suit your pup’s size, and be crash-tested for safety purposes. And it’s best -- and safest -- to have your doggo ride in the back seat.

Vehicle Accessories

Dog-friendly driving accessories don’t end with harnesses! There are all sorts of products on the market to help your pup feel safe and secure in your car. You can get a net to hang between the front and the back seat to guard against harness escapes, seat carpets and covers in case of scratches or "accidents", and a whole range of carriers and crates.