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Published: 06/13/2023, edited: 02/21/2024

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Redbarn is a premium pet food brand that offers a wide range of dog food and treat products. From dry and air-dried dog food to Redbarn rolled food, it provides products to suit just about any dog’s tastes. All Redbarn foods use natural protein sources and don’t contain any artificial chemicals or preservatives.

But is Redbarn dog food the right choice for your fur-baby? To help you decide, keep reading for a detailed review of Redbarn dog food products, ingredients, reviews, and brand history.

Redbarn products and sub-brands

There’s plenty of variety in the Redbarn range, so let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer for your dog.

Redbarn dry dog food

Redbarn dry dog food

Redbarn dry dog food 

Redbarn kibble is made in the USA using globally sourced ingredients. There’s a mix of grain-free and grain-inclusive recipes to choose from, and all kibble recipes feature probiotics to promote healthy digestion. All Redbarn dry dog food recipes are high in protein and come in 4-pound and 22-pound bags.

You can choose from the following 6 flavors for your dog:

  • Grain-Free Ocean Recipe (Salmon/Trout)
  • Grain-Free Sky Recipe (Chicken/Turkey)
  • Grain-Free Land Recipe (Beef/Lamb/Pork)
  • Whole Grain Ocean Recipe (Salmon/Trout)
  • Whole Grain Sky Recipe (Chicken/Turkey)
  • Whole Grain Land Recipe (Beef/Lamb/Pork)

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Redbarn air-dried dog food

Redbarn air-dried dog food

Redbarn air-dried dog food

The 3 original recipes in this product range feature kibble that's been gently air-dried to help retain nutrition while delivering a crunchy texture and a taste dogs love. All recipes are made with 85% or more fish, beef, or chicken, plus offer the added goodness of ingredients like salmon oil and flaxseed.

There are also 3 other recipes in the air-dried range that are designed to support good gut health. Not only do they have a high percentage of animal protein content, but they also feature a range of high-fiber ingredients and a postbiotic to help promote healthy digestion.

Choose from the following flavors:

  • Air Dried Chicken Recipe
  • Air Dried Beef Recipe
  • Air Dried Fish Recipe
  • Air Dried Gut Health and Digestion Beef & Lamb Recipe
  • Air Dried Gut Health and Digestion Chicken & Turkey Recipe
  • Air Dried Gut Health and Digestion Fish Recipe

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Redbarn rolled dog food

Redbarn rolled dog food

Redbarn rolled dog food 

One of the best overall wet dog foods on the market, Redbarn's rolled foods are designed to offer a convenient way to feed your dog fresh meat. Each roll features over 40% fresh beef, lamb, or poultry, and is prepared using a low-temperature cooking process to preserve nutrients and minerals. There are wholegrain and grain-free options available, and all recipes have been formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrition Profiles for all life stages.

There are 5 recipes to choose from:

  • Beef Recipe
  • Chicken Recipe
  • Lamb Recipe
  • Grain-Free Beef Recipe
  • Grain-Free Chicken Recipe

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Redbarn canned dog food

Redbarn also offers 3 canned recipes for dogs that prefer the taste and texture of wet food. These grain-free recipes feature real meat and are high in protein. They also provide complete and balanced nutrition for dogs at all life stages and come in 13 oz cans.

The flavors you can choose from are:

  • Chicken & Pumpkin Hearty Stew
  • Turkey & Carrot Hearty Stew
  • Whitefish & Sweet Potato Hearty Stew

Redbarn dog treats

Redbarn also offers an extensive range of dog treats for when you want to spoil your doggo for good behavior. The range includes bones, bully sticks, cow and pig ears, collagen chews, deer antlers, rawhide, dental chews known as Chew-A-Bulls, include ham bones, beef ribs, filled bones, and more. There are also air-dried training treats available to use as rewards when training your pup.

Why Wag! likes Redbarn

There are lots of “impawtant” reasons why we like Redbarn.

High-quality nutrition

We’re impressed by the high-quality ingredients used in Redbarn’s range of dry and air-dried dog food. The rolled dog food recipes are also very useful as training rewards, special treats, and for giving your dog pills.

All life stages

The vast majority of Redbarn dog food products have been formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrition Profiles for all life stages. This makes them a convenient option for dogs of all ages.

Wide range of products and flavors

Whether you want to feed your dog wet food, dry food, or even air-dried kibble, you’ll find something to suit in the Redbarn range. There are also multiple recipes available, using different protein sources to match your pup’s taste preferences and nutritional needs.

SQF certified

Redbarn Pet Products has been granted SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing certification by the Safe Quality Food (SQF) Initiative. This certification indicates a commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of its products. Redbarn also says that its quality assurance team carries out over 3,500 tests per month to check and maintain the safety of its food and treats.

Concerns & considerations

There are a few things you should know before purchasing Redbarn.

Not as widely available as some other brands

Redbarn dog food, in particular its dry food and air-dried products, isn’t available at the same wide range of retailers as other pet food brands. You may need to shop around, or buy directly from Redbarn Pet Products, if you want to stock up on Redbarn food for your pet.

Some controversial ingredients in rolled food

Redbarn rolled food features ingredients that may be controversial in the eyes of some pet parents. For example, whole wheat flour and sucrose are the fourth and fifth ingredients listed in the Beef Recipe.


If you’re on a tight budget, you might prefer to feed a more affordable brand of food to your dog.

What pet parents say about Redbarn

“My nickname for Redbarn meat rolls is ‘crack for dogs’! Seriously, all the pups and dogs I train absolutely love these meat rolls. During training sessions, dogs will turn their noses up at the treats their owners are using and turn to me, offering a desirable behavior such as sitting or going into a down.”

“My usual chicken roll was out of stock, so I tried the lamb roll. The dogs love this flavor, too. Who am I kidding? They love all the Redbarn flavors. I use them as an extra on their regular kibble, as a training treat and they work great to give pills.”

“Finally something my picky dogs will eat. I have tried so many things to feed my picky eaters. I am so happy to finally find something.”

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Redbarn brand history

Redbarn Pet Products was co-founded in 1996 by 2 friends, Jeff Baikie and Howie Bloxam. Jeff and Howie started out making rolled food and then bully sticks out of their kitchens in the USA and Canada. And as the popularity of their products grew, in 1998, they decided it was time to invest in their own production facility in Long Beach, California.

In later years, Redbarn went on to acquire a bully stick manufacturing facility in Paraguay, an FDA-certified manufacturing plant in Kansas, and a treat manufacturing facility in Rochester, New York. 

Throughout its history, Redbarn’s mission has been “to provide healthy, wholesome, and innovative food, chews and treats.” You can find its products on the Redbarn website or through a wide range of pet retailers.

Redbarn recall history

In February and March of 2018, Redbarn issued a voluntary recall notice for its Redbarn, Chewy Louie, Dentley’s, and Good Lovin’ chews. The recall was announced after the chews were manufactured using a raw material from a single supplier that had the potential to be contaminated with salmonella.

All product images sourced from Redbarn's website. Copyright Redbarn Pet Products LLC.


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