Prepubic Tendon Rupture Repair in Dogs

Prepubic Tendon Rupture Repair in Dogs - Conditions Treated, Procedure, Efficacy, Recovery, Cost, Considerations, Prevention

What is Prepubic Tendon Rupture Repair?

The prepubic tendon is a group of multiple tendons made up of collagenous material. This tendon enables the function of both urination and defecation in dogs. It is where all of the central abdominal muscles attach together. This tendon is a common place for hernias to occur due to trauma. These prepubic hernias negatively impact on the function of the body and are very visually evident. 

The correction of these hernias is usually performed as other injuries are being treated, often from vehicle accidents. There are differing methods to repair this damage, with some being more effective than others. All of these procedures should be performed by an ACVS board-certified veterinary surgeon if possible. 

Prepubic Tendon Rupture Repair Procedure in Dogs

Blood work will be run to determine if the dog is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. Abdominal ultrasounds may be useful is assessing how much damage has been done internally. At this point, the surgery will be planned and booked. 

To start the operation, an incision will be made down the center of the abdomen. The linea alba will also be incised. If a muscular flap is being used to secure the tendon, it will be excised at this point. If synthetic mesh is being used, it will be sutured into place and stabilized using holes drilled into the pubis. Muscle flap is placed transversely on the abdomen and then is sutured into the tendon. If muscle is used, no drilling into the pubis is needed. The abdominal incision is then closed using sutures or staples. 

Efficacy of Prepubic Tendon Rupture Repair in Dogs

After a successful prepubic tendon repair, recurrence has not been documented. It is a very effective procedure for treating herniated prepubic tendons. Less post-surgical complications are seen when muscular flaps are used to secure the tendon. Synthetic mesh had been linked with higher instances of infection and the loss of surrounding soft tissue. The overall prognosis for a prepubic tendon rupture depends on other injuries sustained from trauma.

Prepubic Tendon Rupture Repair Recovery in Dogs

The dog will need to be monitored in the hours following the operation. An epidural is generally given throughout the surgery, and morphine is administered after the procedure is complete. A prescription for oral pain medication is given upon discharge from the hospital. The incision will have to be monitored daily to check for signs of infection. An Elizabethan collar can be useful to prevent a dog from biting or scratching at its incision site. A follow-up appointment will be needed two weeks after the operation to remove any sutures or drainage tubes left from the surgery.

Cost of Prepubic Tendon Rupture Repair in Dogs

Repairing a prepubic tendon in dogs has a starting cost of $1,500. As this issue is often paired with other severe injuries, it is not uncommon for the entire veterinary bill to reach close to $10,000. There is no alternative way to repair a prepubic tendon hernia. If the injuries present are too severe, euthanasia may be advised by the veterinarian. 

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Dog Prepubic Tendon Rupture Repair Considerations

The most dangerous complications with a prepubic tendon rupture repair have to do with reactions to the anesthesia, which is a risk found in all surgeries. The repair itself actual carries very little risk and almost no long-term complications. Most dogs will develop swelling in the limbs after the procedure has been done. In rare cases, ventral seromas have been noted. Urination may be temporarily hindered. All of these issues can be resolved with little interference. The process that has the least amount of complications associated with it involves repair using the rectal abdominus flap to attach the tendon.

Prepubic Tendon Rupture Repair Prevention in Dogs

The most effective way to reduce the possibility of a prepubic tendon rupture is to prevent your dog from getting hit by a vehicle. This would including keeping the dog on a leash at all times when out of the home. Take extra precautions that your backyard is secure and that there are no spots your dog can escape from. Try not to take your dog to areas near busy roads. It may also be best not to rely solely on invisible fencing to contain your dog.

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