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Wag! Walkers know Shetland

Homes in Shetland are sparse and well set back off the road on large lots. Yards are primarily hardscaped with stone or other natural materials, but occasionally you see grass lawns. Between the widely spaced homes is thick, well-developed forest on gently rolling terrain. Behind Shetland Court, the little road that comes off of Shetland Drive, the terrain drops distinctly into a small valley between Shetland and the next neighborhood.

Hiking through the thick woods around Shetland can be challenging. Occasionally you may find a path through the woods, but this is not common. In the winter, when trees are somewhat thinned out, it can be easier to break a trail through the woods. If you and your dog are dedicated hikers, you may find it worthwhile to hike through the woods around Shetland. Remember to always protect yourself and your dog from ticks and other wilderness pests.

What is the terrain like in Shetland?

The terrain in Shetland is gently rolling hills covered by thick, mature forest. There are few paths through this dense forest, so if you want to explore the woods around Shetland, you are likely going to need to do some heavy-duty hiking.

Luckily, you can see a lot of the beauty the woods have to offer without getting off of Shetland Drive. Since houses in this neighborhood are so sparse and widely spaced, even walking along the main neighborhood road makes you feel like you are wandering through the deepest wilderness.

The long stretches of gently sloping and rarely traveled roads can be tempting if you enjoy running with your dog while you are on wheels, whether you prefer a skateboard, rollerblades, or a bike. Shetland drive is a good place for rolling adventures, but be aware that there isn't much grass along the road in all areas.

How many greenways are there in Shetland?

Shetland is not very developed. Many of the little streets off of Shetland Drive appear to go nowhere, as there have been no houses built around the little cul-de-sacs yet. For this reason, wandering along Shetland Drive and onto some of the streets off of Shetland can make you feel like you are on a street through the wilderness.

This can be pleasant since you can see all sorts of deep woods wildlife without having to do the heavy hiking that would be required to get through the forest around Shetland. Few clearings and sunny areas mean that the cleared, grassy area around the road will attract all kinds of wildlife searching for sunshine or for grass. You may see deer, elk, foxes, wild turkey, or all sorts of other wildlife right along Shetland Drive.

If you would rather see the wildlife in a more natural setting, you can certainly hike off-road anywhere around Shetland and find yourself in the wilderness. Since there is a road in any direction you go, as long as you go in a straight line for long enough, you can feel confident finding your way home eventually, whichever way you go hiking out from Shetland.

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