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Wag! Walkers know Loma Vista Estates

Loma Vista Estates is located on the far eastern end of Yuma, Arizona. This desert city experiences very hot, dry, arid conditions year round and has lots of sunshine with little rainfall. This is good news and bad news: you won't have to worry about taking an umbrella on walks about Yuma, however, you will want to take sunscreen and a hat! When walking your dog you may want to plan excursions for earlier or later in the day, when temperatures cool off a bit. Be prepared with water for you and your pooch in this hot climate. 

Loma Vista Estates is a community of manufactured homes that is a 15-minute drive to central Yuma and pet services, including shops, veterinarians, groomers, and kennels.  Loma Vista Estates has its own recreational area with a tennis court, soccer goals, basketball court, swimming pool, and playground equipment for residents to enjoy, and provides a walking destination for residents with their pets.

What is the terrain like in Loma Vista Estates?

Loma Vista Estates, like much of Yuma, is flat and walking does not involve any significant changes in elevation. Loma Vista is a manufactured home, residential community with mostly artificial and desert landscaping. There are some mature trees in the community, but due to the climate, desert landscaping is more prevalent and green lawns are not common. There are some sidewalks in the community to separate pedestrians from traffic. When walking with your dog it is advisable to choose a route with separate pedestrian ways and watch for local traffic when walking on roadways. Surrounding undeveloped desert areas provide some rougher landscape, and trails along the nearby canal can also feature uneven terrain. You may want to wear good footwear to protect from uneven ground, heat, and venomous critters in the area. To the north are irrigated farms, which provide a change of scene for Loma Vista residents from the desert landscape.

How many greenways are there in Loma Vista Estates?

The Loma Vista estates neighborhood features its own recreation area, with a play area for families and their dogs. This area also features a pool and tennis courts. To the north, irrigated, cultivated, farmland provides some different vegetation and greener views. There is an undeveloped area to the south of Loma Vista Estates, providing a great open area to run and play with your dog. The irrigation canal that runs to the east of the community has a trail alongside for walking, and another larger canal to the north has some varied vegetation, trails, and roads running alongside it for locals to enjoy a walk through a natural area. 

Watch out for local wildlife that may be endangered. Living in a desert climate is hard enough for these critters without tangling with local dogs! Also, some local wildlife such as snakes and scorpions are venomous and can present a hazard to curious dogs. Keep your dog leashed and consider training him to avoid these animals.

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