Why Do Chihuahua Dogs Shiver



It really is not absurd to see your Chihuahua shiver or shake. In fact, this behavior in Chihuahua dogs is quite common. However, it can worry their owners at times and even have us thinking that maybe there is something wrong with our adorable dog. So, why is it that Chihuahua dogs shiver and even shake so much? Is this a cause for a medical concern? Are these dogs cold? Or are they scared? This behavior is so fascinating that we thought we should take a deeper look into and get to the root of this behavior once and for all.

The Root of the Behavior

There really isn’t just one reason why these small, cute dogs shiver. In fact, there are several things that it can actually be. One of the most common reasons why these dogs shiver is because they are cold. In fact, this behavior trait is just like humans who shiver when they are cold. You have to keep in mind that these dogs only way between 2 to 4 pounds and are considered one of the smallest dogs in the world. It doesn’t take much for these dogs to be cold. Shivering is a reaction to help get blood pumping through their bodies in order to prevent hypothermia. Chihuahua dogs also shiver when they get excited. You may see this when you come home and they greet you or even when you give them a treat. This excitement is nothing to worry and is perfectly normal in this dog breed. Some people even find it cute and humorous.

Another reason why these small dogs may shiver is when they are feeling anxious, threatened, or frightened. These dogs are very smart and can pick up on a lot of things. They know right from wrong and if they make a mistake, they may be anxious or fearful of your reaction to it. Not only that, these dogs are very small, it’s a big world out there and everyone gets scared every now and again. Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia can also account for your Chihuahua shivering. There is a good percentage of these dogs that actually do suffer from hypoglycemia. Some of the symptoms include little to no energy, lethargy, and seizures. This condition can be fatal if not properly taken care of. If you think your dog suffers from hypoglycemia, it’s very important that you talk to your vet. Allergies can be another cause of shivering. Well, more so an allergic reaction. If for some reason you see your pup shivering after you gave them a new treat or new type of food, it can be due to an allergic reaction to something in the food. If the shivering continues and you see other symptoms, go to your vet immediately. These reactions can be fatal for your pet, so it’s important to seek medical attention if you believe it’s an allergic reaction.

Encouraging the Behavior

To help remedy most of the shivering, there are some simple solutions. One of these is keeping your dog warm. If it gets cold in your area, invest in some cute sweaters for your Chihuahua or don’t let them outside for long periods of time. If your dog is shaking due to anxiety or being scared, reassure them that they are okay and possibly remove the item or thing that is scaring them. In the case of hypoglycemia, you can have your dog tested for that. Then if they are hypoglycemic, it is simple to treat. 

Keep on eye on his or her diet and feed them smaller meals throughout the day. You may want to keep an eye dropper and some sugar water on hand in case of emergencies. If it looks like they are having an episode, squirt some sugar water into his or her mouth and then take your dog to the vet. Also, just keep an eye out for allergic reactions. You may not know your dog is allergic to something until they have a reaction so it is important to watch their reactions to new foods and plan accordingly. If you feel your dog is having a bad reaction to a new food, go to your vet right away.

Other Solutions and Considerations

You cannot rule out your dog being injured either. Some dogs when they are hurt will shake, whine, and show other symptoms of distress. These dogs are small and often times easy to step on. In fact, trauma is one of the leading causes of death in this breed. You may not see any physical signs of injury present but internal bleeding can be the issue. If you see other symptoms like your dog limping, crying, or not acting like themselves, you may want to go to your vet right away for an examination. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


As cute as it may be to see your little Chihuahua shivering there are some real medical reasons that may be causing this behavior that you should not ignore. Most of the time this behavior is quite normal and should not cause you much alarm. However, keep an eye on symptoms and reason to determine if something more serious is going on with your adorable pet.