Why Do Dogs Always Look Out The Window



It is Sunday morning and you and your dog just finished your long walk through the park. You’re heading back home, driving through different neighborhoods, and even on the freeway. In every place you go, your dog is intrigued. Their face is glued to the window and as you watch them, it is as if they are analyzing every square inch of the outside world. Yet, what is the fascination all about? Your dog tends to look out the window, even at home, too. Understanding this activity can help you better care for your dog, as it is apart of their desire.

The Root of the Behavior

Sometimes, when we are inside for a while or don't get the proper sunlight we need, going outside can make the world of a difference, even when we just see the blue sky and the trees, flowing in the wind, for a moment. The same thing is true for dogs. Most dogs, in today’s world, are raised and live inside, most of the time. When they are home alone, they may get bored, depressed, stressed, and even frustrated with their surroundings. When they look out the window, it is as if the outdoors is a coping mechanism. Sometimes, it is called “environmental enrichment.” Dogs are wired differently than humans, and watching the simple activity that is happening outdoors, can be the best distraction and give your dog something to do. It is their connection to the outdoor world, to nature, and to any other people or animals that they may be watching. It can help bring excitement to their day. 

Another time when your dog may look out the window a lot is when they are in the car. When you are driving and your dog desires to look out the window and even stick their head out, they are desiring to take in the rest of the world. They will smell the different scents, watch the different scenes that you drive by, and feel the wind on their face. This brings a positive experience to their life, and going in the car, or going outside, will appeal to them much more. It is also a way of socialization. When your dog is looking out the window, they may bark and try to get the attention of others, and this can be a form of showing your dog the outside world that they have not been exposed to before. There are certain things that animals need, just as humans do. Whether that is a certain type of environment, a certain amount of sunlight, or certain toys, it can help ease their anxiety and worry, especially if they are by themselves. 

Encouraging the Behavior

Windows are important for dogs, especially if your dog is inside a lot. It is highly suggested that you let your dog look out the window if they desire to. It can help decrease any anxiety, boredom, or negative emotion they may be having, whether that is because they are inside a lot, or it is because of other reasons. If your dog tends to bark at people or animals or act in a wild way when they look out of windows, it may be best to socialize your animal in a more precise way, before you encourage it. When your dog looks out the window, it is socializing them to the outside world, in a way, but if they tend to bark and act wild, it may be because they are unable to handle the movement they are seeing, due to isolation. Bringing them around people and outside more often can help socialize them, and may help with their anxiety, if they have some. Finding what is best for your dog and understanding if they have any issues is important, but, mostly, windows and being outside can help socialize your animal to the outside world and give them a good experience, increasing their happiness and wellbeing over negative emotions. 

Other Solutions and Considerations

Once you understand your animal’s needs, it will be important to allow them to look out the window or even get some fresh air when they are driving in the car. If looking out the window is something they desire to do, but you are unable to control them, it could be wise to get them more adjusted to the outside world. There are many ways to help them with this, whether you take them on more walks, drives, or even just expose more things to them when they are looking out the window. If they don't like looking out the window, you may want to discover what your dog needs when they are at home, or discover why they don't like looking out the window, as most dogs do.


Dog’s have impeccable senses and love exploring the outside world. Whether that be through chasing things, smelling things, or watching things, it can help them socialize with the world they live in. Letting them explore and adjust to the outside world can make the world of difference in their happiness and personality.