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Why Do Dogs Sit In Corners



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Why Do Dogs Sit In Corners




Have you just found your dog sitting in the corner? It's quite worrying, isn't it? Finding your pet either pressed as close as he can get to the wall or hunkered down cowering in the corner, is very disconcerting. It immediately makes you think something is wrong or if you've been out and left him alone, that maybe he's been scared by something while you've been gone, doesn't it?

Have you just lost sight of your dog, searched the whole house for him and then come across him sitting, trembling in the corner. It's so distressing to find your pet like that. Sitting in a corner really is one of the strangest things dogs do. Has finding your dog like that left you scratching your head trying to work out what's going on? Perplexing,isn't it?

So why do dogs sit in corners?

The Root of the Behavior

Dogs have very few ways of giving themselves the feeling of being secure. Sitting in a corner is one of them. There might be some obviously apparent reason why your dog is feeling that he needs some extra security and then again there might not. But by what he's doing, he's showing you he's really not feeling his usual confident self. It may be you've got a friend visiting who has brought their pet with them and your dog is finding the situation intolerable or he feels threatened by the canine who's invaded his territory. He could be sitting in the corner for something as simple as the fact you shouted at him just a bit too loudly when you found him chewing on your favorite pair of socks.

Dogs can be seriously moody creatures. Let's face it, just like humans, the older they get the worse they get and they can, with age, get pretty cantankerous. Old dogs don't like a lot of noise or disruption to their regular daily routine. So if there's something going on in the house he's really not overly happy with, you might find your mature pet having an anti-social moment where he goes and sits in the corner away from everyone.

So if your dog is sitting in the corner, can you discount the fact there may be something interesting or unusual going on in the corner where your dog is sitting? Because dogs have such acute senses, your pup just might have noticed something that you can neither see, hear, or smell. There might be a small rodent scratching around in the wall cavity making a nest that's caught his attention. Maybe there's an air vent in that particular corner and your dog is getting a local area update via the breeze that's entering through it. It could even be that spot in the corner is right under a window. When the sun streams through the glass, it makes it nice and warm, and the perfect place for your dog to take a nap.

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Encouraging the Behavior

Unless it does just happen to be the best spot in the house to take a sun-warmed sleep, dogs don't usually go and sit in a corner. They much prefer to be around their owners or if they're cheeky, sneak up onto the sofa for a comfortable nap instead. By going to hide in the corner, your dog is trying to show you he really is suffering some serious stress. As a good pet owner, it's up to you to find out the cause of his discomfort and if you can, resolve or eliminate it.

Dogs who are sitting in a corner because they're having an anti-social moment can sometimes turn aggressive. All the commotion that made them go and sit there in the first place could make them very anxious. Dogs with anxiety attacks can be unpredictable. Your pooch might normally have a really placid nature, but if he's upset, that can change. He may growl or even bite if he's put under any more pressure, so the best thing to do is be gentle with him and find him a nice quiet spot, well away from all the hoo-ha, where he can recover his equilibrium, feel safer, and not be a danger to anyone.  

Other Solutions and Considerations

If your dog goes to sit in the corner, you might want to consider the fact he may be unwell. Dogs who are suffering from a bout of doggy blues, who are having seizures, or could be developing dementia in their old age, will often find a corner to sit where they feel more protected. If you think your dog is depressed, having canine fits, or suffering the onset of senile dementia, you really need to consult with his vet as soon as you possibly can and get him the medical treatment he needs.

Many young pups will sit in a corner when you first bring them home. It's all a big new world to them and they might be afraid or distressed at the massive change they've undergone after being taken from their mother. If this is happening with your puppy, you might want to consider signing up for some sessions with a qualified dog handler. They'll be able to advise you on techniques for helping your new dog adapt to his environment and help to give him more confidence too.  


It's not normal for your dog to sit in a corner. When they do, it usually means something is wrong or they're disturbed by the noise that's going on in the house. If you have a boisterous family who love to be loud, you might want to consider getting him some doggy ear plugs to stop your pet from isolating himself. He can then enjoy being with you, but still have some peace and quiet as well.

Written by a Chihuahua lover Liz Correal

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Published: 02/26/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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