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Why Do Dogs Try To Mount Humans



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Why Do Dogs Try To Mount Humans




One of the most peculiar things a dog does is to try and mount a human. If you've just had to peel your dog off your leg, you have a pretty good idea just how weird it is. Was he happily hanging on to your trouser leg while bouncing about doing what could have been his own hip thrusting Elvis impersonation? The motions they go through can be strangely perturbing, can't they?

Or have you just been mortified with embarrassment when your dog decided to attempt commencing intimate relations with your best friend's thigh? As you dragged your dog away from his new found love toy, did you feel like hiding out of sight because there's no feasible explanation you can give for his sudden outburst of uncontrolled passion?

Is there a reason why dogs try to mount humans? You'll probably be relieved to know that, yes, there are in fact, several reasons why dogs try to mount humans.

The Root of the Behavior

You may have noticed dogs are not shy when it comes to expressing their pent-up sexual feelings. They don't need to close a bedroom door or turn out the lights. If opportunity knocks, they'll grab it, no questions asked, wherever they may be and whoever may be looking, or at least they'll attempt to. Dogs are lacking any of the social inhibitions found in humans and won't stop to consider the situation or even if their prospective mate is suitable, before trying to get on with the business.

Dogs don't psychoanalyze their emotions like we do either. If your pup has been on his own all day and then you come home from work, guaranteed he's going to be more than pleased to see you. He may confuse the sudden rush of excitement he's going through for one of sexual arousal which won't bode well for your leg or any other part of you he manages to latch on to.

If your dog has suddenly shown an acute interest in trying to make love to you when he would usually be quite content with a pat on the head, he may have noticed some enticing scent on your clothes which you are completely unaware of. If you've been out and about and maybe even petted a female dog in all innocence and then forgotten about it, your dog, with his super heightened sense of smell, will know all about it. It might give you some small compensation to know he's probably more interested in the scent of the other dog than he actually is in you.

As strange a subject as it is to be contemplating, it has to be said that dogs are also not averse to masturbating. Most pet owners can get quite embarrassed when their dog displays any kind of sexual behavior even though it's perfectly normal for a dog to have desires. If there's no prospective mate on the horizon or no apparent opportunity for inter-canine relations, your dog may well indulge in a session of self-service and enjoy the good vibe.

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Encouraging the Behavior

When a dog tries to mount a human it can be not only disconcerting and embarrassing but can be dangerous too. The larger the breed of dog, the more likely they are to cause an accident with their amorous intentions. Robust dogs like Saint Bernard's, Great Danes, German Shepherds, and even Labradors are heavy enough to unintentionally knock you, or whoever they're trying to mate with, to the floor.

Too much of a good thing is not a good thing. If your dog gets into the habit of frequently pleasuring himself and enjoying the resulting sensation, he may well become addicted to his illicit actions and develop an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

If your dog tries to mount a human when you're out walking in the park or local neighborhood, the poor victim of his attention is not going to be overly happy. Your dog may even try to mount the package delivery guy who's trying to drop off your long-awaited purchase from the internet. Whoever your pup decides to try and mate with, they are not going to be pleased to receive his unwarranted affection and worse, if he hurts them in the process, you could find yourself facing legal action.

Other Solutions and Considerations

While it is normal for a dog to have sexual feelings and want to mate, it's not good for them to try and express it by using a human being as a sex toy. You may want to consider how you react when your dog tries to mount you if rather than discouraging his behavior, your shocked exclamations or laughter may well unintentionally encourage him. If you're not sure how to deal with your dog's romantic advances, a qualified dog trainer will be able to advise you on some techniques to keep his canine love under control.

If you think your dog has taken the interest in his personal genitals too far and seems to be obsessed with self-satisfaction, you may want to consider consulting a vet for advice on how to deal with his compulsive neurotic behavior.


When all said and done, it's natural for a dog to want to reproduce. It's a certified fact of life, there is only one way to do that. But your pet trying to mount your leg or anyone else's is out of order. So why not find him a girlfriend and a private kennel for the night so he can restrict his amorous attentions to a four-legged friend of his own kind.

Written by a Chihuahua lover Liz Correal

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Published: 02/13/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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