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Why Do Golden Retrievers Roll In The Snow



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Why Do Golden Retrievers Roll In The Snow




Lizzie loves to explore her surroundings, which can be worrisome for you as her owner. You may be wondering if your Lizzie knows the difference between poisonous things and safe things. Yet, now that Lizzie has discovered snow, you may not need to worry too much about her wild explorations, especially since she won't be going farther than your backyard. In fact, Lizzie is so intrigued with the small patches of snow in your backyard that she doesn’t even know what to do with it! In fact, Golden Retrievers like Lizzie have large amounts of curiously that carry them through their explorations and they are playful animals. Yet, why do Golden Retrievers love to roll around in the snow?

The Root of the Behavior

Snow does not seem like it is anything exciting to you because it is just snow and it's cold and you have to shovel it. Yet, to your dog Lizzie, snow is extremely intriguing. Snow has a fluffy texture that is new to dogs. It is soft, cold, and powder-like and Lizzie may love to roll around in it because it is unfamiliar. In fact, this change alters the landscape, the air, and the temperature, which can be quite exciting for Lizzie's daily adventures. When dogs explore their environment, they use their scenting skills and their sense of touch to figure out what material is surrounding them. Therefore, your dog may first sniff and step carefully in the snow to discover safety in the texture. Then, she may proceed to roll around in it to embrace her new discovery. Dogs would use this scenting technique in past times when they would hunt their prey. The snow was helpful for dogs during their hunt because of its fluffy texture. 

Today, when dogs roll around in the snow, it has a bit of a different meaning. In fact, this roll-around behavior is for exploration, but more importantly, it is for enjoyment. Dogs like Lizzie absolutely love to play and snow is a substance that seems like it was made for play. You may notice your dog loves to jump around, roll around, and even dig in the snow when they see it. Some breeds stray away from snow and choose to play in other ways, but Golden Retrievers have thicker coats and high energy levels. Golden Retrievers are playful animals that love to focus their attention on fun adventures, whether that be inside or outside. It may be why they love the texture of snow so much because the cold embrace feels amazing on their body and it gives them a chance to play. If you have a Golden Retriever, it may be hard to get them inside after you expose them to snow because they know they have just hit the jackpot of playgrounds to play in. 

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Encouraging the Behavior

Golden Retrievers are playful dogs that require a lot of attention due to their high levels of energy. You may notice that Lizzie loves to explore her terrain, whether she is inside or outside. The snow brings spontaneity to her life and gives her new opportunity for play. If your dog has a chance to play in the snow, there is no harm in allowing it. In fact, your dog will surely thank you for this opportunity. Yet, you want to make sure that your dog is safe while she is doing it. If you choose to let your dog roll around in the snow, make sure she plays in an area that is flat and somewhat familiar. You also want to use precaution when choosing the area. Even if it does not snow, you always want to keep your dog away from areas where poisonous chemicals may have been sprayed such as pesticides. Usually, there will be signs at your local park if chemicals were sprayed on the ground. Yet, beyond this small precaution, there is absolutely no reason not to encourage your dog to play. It is the canine nature to run around, to explore, and to have fun. Lizzie's playfulness will contribute to her overall health and to her overall happiness, so let her embrace the fun!

Other Solutions and Considerations

Although Lizzie may love the snow, you need to be aware of the temperature and her paws. The cold and dry weather can cause an impact on your dog's body, if you are not careful. Make sure to not expose your dog to extreme temperatures because Lizzie can get cold, even though she has a fur coat. Luckily, she is a larger dog and her size helps keep her warm, but it is still important to watch over the temperature. You also want to check your dog's paws when they are done playing in the snow. The dry weather can cause cracking and bleeding and it may dry out the skin around her paw pad. Always hydrate your dog and provide warmth to their body before and after their snow adventures.


Whether you enjoy the snow or not, your Golden Retriever probably does because Golden Retrievers love to play. If you get the chance, allow your dog to roll around in the snow. It will bring joy, adventure, and playfulness to her day, which she will gladly thank you for in the long run and you can get some good videos for YouTube.

By a Golden Retriever lover Erika Seidel

Published: 04/25/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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