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Why Does My Chihuahua Throw Up So Much



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Why Does My Chihuahua Throw Up So Much




A dog as tiny as a Chihuahua looks very fragile so if you see one suddenly vomiting you will be very worried thinking about possible reasons. All you want is to scoop the little dog up in your arms and protect him from everything that might hurt him. Dogs may vomit for a variety of reasons, sometimes benign and sometimes sinister. So which is the reason why your little doggie is suddenly throwing up and can’t seem to keep anything in his stomach? Before you wrack your brain with worry thinking of all the possibilities and jumping to conclusions, let us explore the reasons.

The Root of the Behavior

Vomiting is something that serves various vital functions in dogs, big and little, including Chihuahuas. They, after all, have a reputation for eating just about anything. Vomiting can be a way for the body to correct mistakes. A lot of humans have seen their dogs eating unsavory things only to see it come out of their mouths again later. However, vomiting could also be a symptom of something that is possibly serious such as parasites, liver disease, drug side effects, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, some types of cancer, head trauma and food allergies. If your little Chihuahua has been vomiting regularly after his meals, then it is possible that you are serving him too often, or you have been feeding him too much. Remember that your Chihuahua is a very small dog with a very small stomach, but they also have a lot of energy and are able to burn through their food quite quickly. It is best to feed your dog small portions in intervals throughout the day. Feeding your Chihuahua large meals one or two times a day must be avoided. It is best to give him 3 or 4 small meals in a day. 

Another common cause of a vomiting Chihuahua is incorrect food. To be running about and happy, dogs must have a protein-rich diet with only a small amount of carbohydrates. The majority of commercial dog food brands sold on the market today do not provide this. Most of these foods contain a wide variety of fillers, which are not only bad for your little buddy but also may have long-term effects on their health. Chihuahuas have a very sensitive stomach and the wrong food can cause them to throw up. Yellow foam is a substance Chihuahuas below a year old commonly vomit. This is the bile in their stomach. They could be vomiting this substance because of fever, stress, or an upset stomach. However, the most likely cause is your Chihuahua needs to be fed. If your dog has not eaten for quite a while, stomach acids will build up and this is regurgitated as yellow bile.

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Encouraging the Behavior

Now that you know the reasons why your little Chihuahua is vomiting, it is time to know what you can do in these situations. Isolated, occasional bouts of vomiting is not something to be concerned about. This is normal with dogs. However, chronic and frequent vomiting can be a symptom of something very serious so if your Chihuahua’s vomiting is not an isolated incident, you should bring him to the veterinarian right away for a thorough examination and diagnostic testing. If you Chihuahua has only vomited one or two times and is alright afterward, there are some home treatments which you can do. 

Remove all sources of water and food for 6 to 8 hours. You may also offer him a small amount of water if your Chihuahua does not throw up during the time. If your little Chihuahua is able to hold that down, you may gradually increase the amounts of water. Observe your dog for 12 hours and if you see that he is not vomiting, you may offer him a small meal of rice mixed with boiled white chicken meat. If your pooch is able to consume this without throwing up, you may increase the meals in two days and then start mixing in his regular dog food again. This process will take around 3 days but if at any time your dog starts vomiting again, you should bring him to the vet right away.

Other Solutions and Considerations

We have always been told that prevention is the better cure so it is important that you know what steps you can take in order to prevent your dog from vomiting. Refrain from changing your dog’s diet suddenly. A gradual approach is always better because sudden changes in your dog’s diet is a very common cause of throwing up in dogs. Only purchase toys that are safe for your dogs to play with. Do not give your Chihuahua any small pieces that can be swallowed easily or toys that can be easily chewed into pieces which is a common reason for blockage or gastrointestinal irritation. Avoid giving bones to your Chihuahua because they have been routinely implicated in vomiting episodes since they can easily break into sharp shards. 


Seeing your Chihuahua vomit is something very unpleasant and it is something which you do not want to wish on your dog or on any dog. Aside from giving your Chihuahua the love and care he needs, you also need to watch for other symptoms that may come with vomiting. If you believe it is something that needs medical attention, give your veterinarian a call right away. 

By a Chow Chow lover Jhoana Carla de Toro

Published: 04/19/2018, edited: 01/30/2020

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