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30-59 lbs
American Pit Bull Terrier

The Akita Pit is a mix between the Akita and the Pit Bull.  Medium in size, the Akita Pit can weigh (on average) between 30 and 66 pounds and while standing may be 16 to 22 inches tall, depending on the size of his parents. The fur of this attractive hybrid is short and lies flat along the body of the dog as seen in a Pitbull, and can be seen in fawn, white, black, blue and brindle. The Akita Pit tends to be good with both children and other animals and the dog’s obedient nature allows him to be easy to train. Typically, dogs with these parent breeds are loyal and friendly and can be stubborn. The Akita Pit is an enthusiastic dog that desires to please his human. 

Date of Origin
Akita, Pit Bull Terrier

Akita Pit Health

Average Size
Male Akita Pit size stats
Height: 16-22 inches Weight: 35-66 lbs
Female Akita Pit size stats
Height: 16-22 inches Weight: 30-59 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Heart Disease
Minor Concerns
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Cataracts
  • Pemphigus
  • Sebaceous Adenitis
  • Bloat
  • Hypothyroidism
Occasional Tests
  • Eye
  • Hip
  • Blood Test
  • Heart
  • Thyroid Tests
  • X-Rays
  • Eye Examination

Akita Pit Breed History

The hybrid called the Akita Pit is a new breed of dog that does not have a detailed history. However, the two breeds that combine to make the Akita Pit, have centuries of history. The ancestors of the Akita were called matagi-inu which means “hunting dog”. Dogs of the breed were often used as fighting dogs in the late 1800’s and crossed with other breeds in order to improve fighting ability. In 1927, the Akita Inu Hozonkai Society of Japan was formed with a goal of preserving the original Akita and in 1931 the breed was given the designation of a national treasure of Japan. The breed became more common in the United States after WW II when soldiers returned from serving in Japan with the dogs in tow. Dogs of the breed often work as guard dogs or as a part of law enforcement. As for the Pit Bull, the original “bulldog” that was used for boar hunting and as a guard, is seen in paintings that go as far back as the 1500’s. These dogs look a lot like the Pit Bull we see today. They were called bull dogs as a result of being the dog best suited to the sport of bull baiting. In 1835 bull baiting was outlawed in England and its promoters sought a new way to profit, turning to ratting and dog fighting. It is thought that at this time, one or more types of Terriers were mixed with the dog so that it would have a higher drive to seek prey and be more aggressive as well as reduce its size and increase its agility. The American Pit Bull Terrier is the product of English and Irish stock that arrived in the US during the 19th century. These dogs did well as cattle dogs and dogs that could catch pigs. While some were still used in fights, the majority of them worked as hunters, herders, guardians and friends, even earning the nickname of nanny dog. 

Akita Pit Breed Appearance

The Akita Pit is a hybrid dog from the Akita and Pit Bull, averaging anywhere from 30 to 66 pounds and standing 16 to 22 inches in height (size will be dependent upon that of their parents). Both parent breeds are considered athletic canines so you can expect that your pup will be muscular and strong, and most likely very agile as well. Medium in size, the Akita Pit has a sturdy build and a short coat that lies flat against his body, similar to both parent breeds; their coats vary somewhat in density and the Akita Pit will have a thickness of coat dependent on which parent’s genes are predominant. The coat of the Akita Pit can be seen in fawn, white, blue, black and brindle.

Akita Pit Breed Maintenance

Maintenance of the Akita Pit should be pretty simple with weekly brushing and bathing as necessary. Grooming time can become good bonding time as well, allowing your Akita Pit the necessary learning of sitting still and tolerating be touched and examined. The nails of your Akita Pit should be trimmed as needed and his teeth brushed regularly to ensure his long term dental health. Regular exercise will be important for your Akita Pit. As with Pit Bulls, your Akita Pit may become destructive if bored and inactive. Training of your Akita Pit is important and should begin at an early age. Easily trainable, this eager-to-be-in-the-action dog will quickly learn basic commands like sit and stay. Behavioral training and early socialization will also be important for your Akita Pit allowing him to learn about and become comfortable in different situations.

Akita Pit Temperament

Like the Akita, the Akita Pit is independent and can be stubborn. The Pit Bull parent is intelligent like the Akita parent, but may also have a liking for dominating the relationship between human and canine. Obedience training will be a must for this hybrid, but can be a combination of kindness and a firm hand. Consistency in training is key. Search around for a recommended dog trainer who is knowledgeable on how to get the absolute best out of a dog with a mind of his own. Akita Pit dogs are good with children as well as with other animals, although socialization is needed, as it is with any breed of dog. As a breed, the Akita Pit is eager to please and has a lot of enthusiasm. The Akita Pit will likely be protective of his family, obedient, loyal and friendly, as well as intelligent. It is rare that an Akita Pit will be aggressive towards people and should be relatively easy to train when consistent methods are used.

Akita Pit Activity Requirements

Your Akita Pit will need a significant amount of activity. Akitas crave both mental and physical exercise and physical activity is also very important for Pit Bulls. In fact, if a Pit Bull does not get the exercise it needs it will let you know with destructive behavior. It is likely therefore, that your Akita Pit will be no different. Daily exercise in the form of long walks, hikes and jogs will be enjoyed by your Akita Pit. A fenced in outdoor space will be helpful for your dog as it will allow him the opportunity to get his energy out. Ensure that the space you have provided is safe and supervise him at all times.

Akita Pit Owner Experiences

7 Months
4 People
House & Yard
Kesha was rescued from a very unfortunate situation. We took her in a few short days later. She is eager to please and extremely excited to be doing anything with me, my husband, our 2 year old and infant. She loves other dogs after a proper induction and has become one with our free range chickens.
2 months, 1 week ago
10 Months
7 People
House & Yard
Faelan is an awesome dog. I got him when he was about 3 months old because a friend who had him was moving into an apartment with breed restrictions, and the local pound said that they would be forced to put him down. I live with my nieces, who are 5, and my nephews, who are 2, along with 2 medium/large sized dogs and 2 small cats. This "vicious killing machine" of a dog loves them all. He cuddles and plays with the kids, 2 year olds included, and him and my cat, who weighs all of 3 lbs, are inseparable. They play, cuddle, wrestle, and sleep together. I take him camping almost every weekend when the weather permits, and he sleeps in a hammock with me. He needs plenty of time to spend his energy, but once he is worn out he lays down and just wants to cuddle for a while. Awesome dog.
5 months, 2 weeks ago
10 months
2 People
House & Yard
Running, playing fetch
Poochie is a beautiful Akita Pit. She is tall and slender and she has the longest legs I have ever seen on a dog. She is a perfect dog. She has a very gentle nature. Everyone loves her.
8 months, 2 weeks ago
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