American Foxy Dane

44-63 lbs
American Foxhound
Great Dane

The American Foxy Dane is a new hybrid breed of dog that has developed through careful selective breeding of the Great Dane and the American Foxy Hound. The new hybrid dog is designed to exhibit the best traits of each parent breed, producing an affectionate, loyal, easy going dog that is excellent with families and small children. The Great Dane component gives the dog an imposing look, but the American Foxhound has tempered the character and refined the appearance of a lighter faster dog that is keen to please. The American Foxy Dane takes well to training and learns fast. It is important to remain patient and positive during training as the dog will feel the frustration in your tone and get confused. These dogs respond well to a good leader who is consistent in their actions and requests.

purpose Purpose
Guarding, Companion, Watchdog
history Date of Origin
ancestry Ancestry
American Foxhound, Great Dane

American Foxy Dane Health

Average Size
Male American Foxy Dane size stats
Height: 26-29 inches Weight: 55-70 lbs
Female American Foxy Dane size stats
Height: 25-28 inches Weight: 44-63 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Bloat
Minor Concerns
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Weight Gain
  • Tail Injury
Occasional Tests
  • Hip
  • X-Rays
  • Physical Examination

American Foxy Dane Breed History

The American Foxy Dane is a new hybrid breed of dog but comes from two excellent purebreds – the Great Dane, and the American Foxhound. It is safe to say that the new hybrid exhibits a combination of talents from both parent breeds. The Great Dane is an ancient breed dating back to 2000 BC where pictures showed evidence to their existence, and written reports stating that they originated in Tibet. The Great Dane was originally bred to hunt wild boar, but the hunting instinct has been bred out of the breed. The American Foxhound is a working dog used for tracking game, with a highly sensitive nose that can follow a scent trail tirelessly. They were even used to track Indians in the American west. The American Foxy Danes history is hard to find being so recent, but the dogs have been proven to be easy going and excellent family dogs. As one of the new hybrid breeds of dog, they exhibit good health with few faults which are a benefit from having two strong parent breeds behind them. The reason for the mix was to provide a dog not quite as massive as the Great Dane, but one with the looks and reduction in body mass that was a blend of two good breeds. This blend allowed for a more flexible dog both as a house pet and as a watchdog, with a more placid nature (although still with the courage to react to difficult situations). 

American Foxy Dane Breed Appearance

The American Foxy Dane is a medium sized dog, with the imposing look of the Great Dane, and the lighter faster attributes of the American Foxhound. The front legs are very long and straight boned due to both parent breeds, while the chest is rather narrow. The American Foxy Dane has a slightly domed skull and a long muzzle. The eyes are wide and lowest, expressive, and are either hazel or brown. Ears on this dog are wide and low set. The feet are well rounded with strong dark toenails.  With a muscular but fine build, long thin tail, and lightly built body, the American Foxy Dane is an attractive mix of both the Great Dane and the American Foxhound genes.

American Foxy Dane Breed Maintenance

The short and hard texture of the fur of the American Foxy Dane requires regular brushing which will keep this canine looking sharp. They don’t require set bathing rules, only needing a bath when necessary which allows their coat to retain its protective coating to deal with the elements. It is good practice to check the dog's ears and eyes when you are grooming them. Also, check for any cuts or lumps that may be bothering your dog. When they are young puppies, get them used to being groomed, and having their ears, eyes and teeth examined. This practice will make it easier as the dog grows in size. The nails need regular trimming if your dog is not wearing them down, but be careful when trimming not to trim to close to where the base is. If you hurt them, they may not be so keen to allow you to touch their paws again. The American Foxy Dane does need a lot of exercise as they are an energetic dog, a trait taken especially from the American Foxhound parentage. A good daily run and a well fenced yard to allow them to have play time with the children are perfect. With plenty of exercise they will be well behaved inside, having worn off all their abundant energy.

American Foxy Dane Temperament

This new hybrid dog combines intelligence with patience and a sweet demeanor. The American Foxy Dane is kind and loving and gets along with children and other house pets. They are people dogs who need to be part of the family, and are equally happy playing outside, or relaxing inside with their family. Their docile nature belies their serious expression and confident manner. They make great watchdogs or guard dogs and are only aggressive when pushed. The typical dog is easygoing and gentle but can be reserved around strangers and a bit shy. They are easy to train and learn quickly. Patience is required, and they need firm but not harsh handling. These dogs can be sensitive to their owner’s moods; you will not be able to fool them if you are a bit frustrated when trying to teach them something new. Take a break from training and reassure your dog that you are happy or they may get confused. 

American Foxy Dane Activity Requirements

The American Foxy Dane requires plenty of exercise to keep them in good health and to prevent boredom from turning them into mischief makers. The American Foxhound genes will have this dog keen to go for a walk, and its stamina does show in this new hybrid. A long daily walk or a run alongside your bike is perfect for the American Foxy Dane. It is preferable to keep them on a leash as they are active dogs (especially when young). Games of fetching, tugging, and swimming are all eagerly participated in by this dog. They will happily play with children, but just watch that their keenness and size doesn’t knock young children over.  They are good watchdogs, keeping an eye on the family to ensure all is well, and they will warn you when a stranger comes around.

American Foxy Dane Owner Experiences

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