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Bernese Mountain Dog
Chow Chow
Bernese Mountain Dog / Chow

The Berner Chow is a hybrid developed from the breeding of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Chow Chow. The Bernese originates from the farmlands of Switzerland and the Chow Chow from China.  The Berner Chow is not one of the more popular hybrids but can be found in many countries across the globe.  The Bernese Mountain Dog has a gentle, loving, affectionate and loyal temperament while the Chow Chow is more aggressive, independent, alert and protective. Both parent breeds possess a high degree of intelligence.  Both parent breeds are blessed with dense coats which require a moderate degree of maintenance and both are shedders for sure. Both parent breeds were developed as companions and watchdogs, with the Bernese also being primarily utilized for draft and herding tasks initially.  Today, both breeds are found to be companion and watchdogs and function well in various living environments.

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Companion, Guarding
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Bernese Mountain Dog, Chow Chow

Berner Chow Health

Average Size
Male Berner Chow size stats
Height: 17-28 inches Weight: 45-120 lbs
Female Berner Chow size stats
Height: 17-28 inches Weight: 45-120 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Hip And Elbow Dysplasia
  • Meningitis
  • Histiocytosis
Minor Concerns
  • Sebaceous Adenitis
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Color Dilution Alopecia
Occasional Tests
  • Hip
  • Elbow
  • Blood
  • Thyroid Tests
  • X-Rays

Berner Chow Breed History

The Berner Chow is a fairly new hybrid and so there isn’t much historical information available on the hybrid combination itself.  There is, however, an abundance of information available on the parent breeds -- Bernese Mountain Dog and Chow Chow.  The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in Switzerland and, though there are several other breeds who had their start in Switzerland, this one is the only one with a long silky coat.  This strong, sturdy, symmetric tricolored dog was originally bred to do draft tasks, herding tasks, watchdogging tasks and to provide companionship in the Swiss farmland near the conan of Bern.  They will thrive in cold climates but can adapt somewhat to climates which are a bit warmer (but not hot) as well.  They are intelligent, confident, friendly and loving dogs who bond well with their human families and strongly desire lots of time with them.  They are great with children, are gentle and watchful but will be more aloof, though not necessarily shy, with strangers.  Today, they are serving as wonderful and loving family pets.  The other breed parent, the Chow Chow, was developed in Mongolia and Northern China and is believed to be one of the oldest recognized canine breeds.  This aloof and lordly canine was developed to be utilized in hunting and guarding, unfortunately, the coat was also desirable for fur trim on clothing and their flesh was deemed to be a delicacy.  Similar to a cat, his aloofness sets him apart from many canine breeds and he is especially suspicious of strangers.  He may look like a teddy bear, but this breed doesn’t really care to be cuddled or made over but he will be fiercely loyal to his owners.

Berner Chow Breed Appearance

The Berner Chow is the product of breeding between the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Chow Chow.  Accordingly, the hybrid result can have the combined qualities of both breed parents.  The Berner Chow’s body can be strong, sturdy boned and squarely built with the body being slightly longer than he is tall, with strong legs and a tail that will likely be bushy and held high close to the body or carried low when in repose.  The eyes can be slightly oval or almond in shape and dark brown.  The expression can be intelligent, animated and gentle or scowling, dignified, lordly, sober and snobbish and independent. The coat can be thick and dense, long and silky or rough or smooth, with thick, dense undercoat. The ears can be triangular, small and hang down, held close to head or small, triangular and held erect. The lips should cover the teeth which are even in a scissor-type bite.

Berner Chow Breed Maintenance

The Berner Chow is a canine hybrid which will require at least moderate maintenance.  He will need to be brushed daily due to the moderate to high levels of shedding which will be worse during certain seasons.  Frequent brushing will help keep the shedding under better control, will reduce the opportunity for hair matting to occur and will remove debris.  Shampooing or bathing the Berner Chow should only be done when necessary so as not to remove the natural oils from the coat.  The Berner Chow is not hypoallergenic so all attempts should be made to keep up with grooming to reduce shedding to protect those members of the household who are sensitive or who have breathing difficulties.  Routine and regular eye, ear and teeth examinations should be done to keep your Berner Chow as healthy and fit as possible.

Berner Chow Temperament

The temperament of the Berner Chow can be any combination of the temperament traits of the breed parents.  The Bernese Mountain Dog parent contributes gentleness, affection, intelligence and loyalty while the Chow Chow breed parent contributes aggression, alertness, detachment, independence, intelligence, loyalty and protectiveness.  The Bernese is very kid and cat friendly but the Chow Chow is not.  The Bernese is wary of strangers and the Chow Chow views them with a very high degree of suspicion.  Both parent breeds have moderate levels of energy and require daily exercise to keep them happy and fit.  Both of the parent breeds are intelligent and can be trained, although the Bernese will likely contribute the temperament which is easiest to train while the Chow Chow’s independence will likely create a training challenge. Both parent breeds are known for loyalty to their human families but the Bernese Mountain Dog will contribute traits which will facilitate the bonding that many families desire.

Berner Chow Activity Requirements

The Berner Chow is a hybrid that isn’t excessively energetic but he also isn’t a couch potato.  He will need moderate to average levels of exercise on a daily basis to remain fit and healthy.  This level of exercise could be a walk once or twice a day of 30 to 60 minute duration, or it could mean 30 to 60 minutes of energetic play in the backyard, playing fetch or frisbee.  The Berner Chow is not a canine who is appropriate for apartment living, both for reasons of exercise as well as size.  He can, however, function quite well in a home with a fenced yard, whether large or small, as long as there is ample opportunity for exercise daily.  He can live in urban as well as rural communities and will adapt to both colder and somewhat warmer climates, though the hotter climates will be more challenging for him with his dense, possibly double coated furcoat. 

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