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The Bogle is a hybrid mix of the Boxer and the Beagle. Not much is currently known about the origin of this hybrid; therefore, reviewing the parent breeds is the best way to determine possible traits and characteristics as well as tell part of the Bogle’s history. The Boxer parent makes this breed rambunctious, and this large hybrid dog needs plenty of space to run around and burn off the extra energy. The Bogle is an alert dog who is leery of strangers and is considered a designer dog, bred for companionship.
Date of Origin
Beagle, Boxer

Bogle Breed History

The Bogle is hybrid of two old hound dogs, the Boxer and the Beagle. The hybrid is a modern dog with no detailed history yet. Being a modern hybrid, bred as a designer dog, those interested in understanding the potential characteristics and traits of the Bogle will have to look at the parent breeds for insight. Beagles are well known for their vocal natures and can bay and bark with the best of them. Conversely, the Boxer breed is far less vocal and will only bark at strange noises or approaching strangers. You can expect your Bogle to reflect more Boxer when it comes to vocalizing. The Beagle was developed in England during the 1300s and may have roots extended further back to the Roman occupation as well and was brought to England in the 11th century by William the Conqueror. The breed was used mostly for hunting small game on foot but fell out of favor to the larger Foxhounds in the 1700s. If not for farmers, who continued to breed the Beagle to assist with vermin and rabbit hunting, this breed may have gone extinct. The Boxer is of the Tibetan line of Mastiffs and was developed primarily in Germany during the 16th century. The Boxer Breed Club was established in Munich in the 1800s and is thought to gain its name by the way it uses its paws in a fight, which resembles a boxer. The Boxer was first registered in the American Kennel Club in 1904 and today ranks among the top ten in breed popularity.

Bogle Breed Appearance

The Bogle is a hybrid between the Boxer and the Beagle and can look like either parent breed depending on the dominant appearance. This is a large dog, weighing between 50 and 60 pounds with a strong, muscular build. If the Bogle leans more towards the Boxer parent, it will have a square shaped head and shorter muzzle. If the Bogle leans more towards the Beagle, its muzzle will be thinner and longer. The ears of a Bogle lay down, like that of the Beagle but have that same perky and inquisitive look. The eyes are hazel to brown and usually have the hound-like expression of the Beagle. The tail of a Bogle is set high and can have a slight brush to it, a trait it inherits from the Beagle parent.

Bogle Breed Maintenance

The Bogle is not a hypoallergenic dog and can shed little to moderately depending on the parent the mix most resembles. Weekly grooming will help remove dead and loose hair and keep your Bogle’s coat healthy. This mix is not known to smell, but weekly grooming will help distribute oils and remove dirt and dead skin that might lead to a hound smell. Frequent nail clipping is also suggested for your Bogle The Bogle does not usually drool, but an increase in drooling may indicate your Bogle is suffering from a dental or gum issue. Regular teeth brushing and cleaning will give you an opportunity to check his gums and prevent disease.

Bogle Activity Requirements

The Bogle is a high energy hybrid, which is a characteristic of both parent breeds. However, unlike the friendly Beagle, the Boxer parent makes this mix slight leery of strangers. This supports the Bogle as a watchdog, and you can expect him to bark at unfamiliar approaching strangers. Otherwise, the Bogle is quiet, despite the Beagle parent. The Bogle is patient and with good socialization, will do well with children. However, this is a larger, energetic breed and may not be well suited for living with very young children. Always teach your kids how to approach a dog and interact with him, and never leave your children alone with any dog. When it comes to other animals, it is said the Bogle will not tolerate living with a cat. The cat’s small size and willingness to run away from the Bogle can excite the prey mind. Early socialization with other dogs will help a Bogle to live in harmony with other dogs. The Beagle is a stubborn parent who can be difficult to train, but the Boxer parent helps to even this out in the Bogle. The Bogle is smart and eager to please. Early and consistent training will help this hybrid train well, but this mix is not recommended for novice dog owners or people with little time to devote to training.

Bogle Owner Experiences

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He has been a very energetic pup since puppyhood but now he is in early stage kidney failure due to catching it with roution bloodwork.
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He is very friendly and he loves everyone and loves to play
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