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88-120 lbs
Border Collie

The Border Newfie is a large boned dog breed that is a hybrid cross of the Border Collie and the Newfoundland Dog. As not much is currently known about the history and origin of the Border Newfie, it is very likely that your Border Newfie will take on characteristics common to the parent breeds. This personality includes traits such as a willingness to please, a herding instinct, and a docile demeanour. Currently, the exact purpose of the dog is unknown and may simply be kept as a companion pet. However, the parent breeds often are hard working dogs and require a moderate level of activity.

Companion, Working Dog
Date of Origin
Border Collie and Newfoundland

Border Newfie Health

Average Size
Male Border Newfie size stats
Height: 22-28 inches Weight: 88-120 lbs
Female Border Newfie size stats
Height: 20-26 inches Weight: 88-120 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Hip And Elbow Dysplasia
Minor Concerns
  • Lens Luxation
  • Seizures
Occasional Tests
  • Blood Test
  • X-Rays
  • Physical Examination

Border Newfie Breed History

The Border Collie is said to be one of the oldest herding breeds and originated around the borders between England and Scotland. These agile, hard working shepherds were commonly kept by farmers to herd flock. Today, the Border Collie is kept as a companion pet but is still quite popular with active households and farmers around the Europe. The breed was placed on the roster of the American Kennel Club in 1995. The Newfoundland Dog originates from Newfoundland and Labrador Island in Canada. Ancestors of these dogs were brought from Canada to England during the 1800s. In England, one theory suggests that these dogs were then bred to produce the breed known as Newfoundlands. These giant, strong willed breeds are considered hard working ship dogs known for their ability to rescue humans stranded in deep waters, and to act as sled dogs during the cold winter periods.

Border Newfie Breed Appearance

Most hybrid breeds can have a unique appearance based on the traits of which parent breed it takes on the most. In general, it is agreed upon that Border Newfies tend to be large breed dogs that can stand up to 28 inches in height and weigh up to 100lbs. These hybrids tend to be heavily built dogs, with a heavy bone structure, wide chest, widen head, and medium-long muzzle. Eyes tend to be dark and alert. These dogs stand tall and are considered quite muscular. Coats may be water-resistant due to the Newfoundland breed trait. Coat colors may range from mixes of black, whites, browns and landseer.

Border Newfie Breed Maintenance

As both parent breeds of the Border Newfie have thick, dense coats, daily or at the minimum, a few times weekly brushing will be needed in order to keep the fur free of tangles and debris that may be picked up when outside on the run or at play. Loose fur will be more easily removed with a consistent grooming routine. The ears should be checked at the same time, particularly if your dog likes to swim. Yeast, bacteria and dirt may build up in the ear canal and outer extremities of the ear, allowing germs to proliferate. Additionally, the nails and the teeth should be maintained, in order to give your pet the chance for optimum health.

Border Newfie Temperament

 Border Newfies may show a strong instinct in guarding and herding due to their parent lineage. These dogs often are quite intelligent and strong-willed and may do well with an active family. When it comes to strangers, your Border Newfie may be cautious and may bark. With children and smaller pets, your Border Newfie may take on a herding, dominating role if it takes on more of a Border Collie trait. However, some Border Newfies tend to be quite docile, calm and loyal. It is important to remember that with any large dogs, children and other pets should not be left alone and must be always monitored. 

Border Newfie Activity Requirements

As all dogs are different, it is important to consider your individual dog's personality traits in order to determine the ideal activity requirements. Generally, Border Collies are high energy, highly motivated and agile dogs that do tend to require a lot more physical activity and mental stimulation to meet its herding characteristics. Newfoundlands Dogs tend to be more docile and laid back. They may not be as agile as Border Collies but they too, require adequate exercise in order to prevent boredom and obesity. Since Border Collies are a herding class and Newfoundlands are a working class, then it is likely that your Border Newfie will require high levels of activity in the form of walks, runs, practice herding, swimming, and learning new tricks. Ideally, these dogs are suited to homes with large backyards that give them enough space to run. This hybrid does best in moderate to cool temperatures due to their dense fur coats.

Border Newfie Owner Experiences

4 Months
2 People
She keeps us busy, she has high energy, we have found that she loves to jump over things. She is very loving
1 month, 3 weeks ago
Emerson J. Farber
9 Years
3 People
Emerson is very social. If someone comes to the door and just walks in he will be perfectly happy to let them in. If they ring the doorbell he barks like crazy. He has a pet rabbit that he lets climb on him and will chase the rabbit back into her room if she gets out. He will wake me up to let the cat in if it is raining. When my Grandson comes over and tries to grab at him, he licks him and the baby forgets to grab him.
3 months, 3 weeks ago
3 Years
5 People
House & Yard
We adopted Dex from my father when he was 2 1/2. He was too much energy for my father and my husband feel in love with Dex. At first we had to get him used to our small child and us but after taking him on hikes and playing daily outside with him we have adapted to his energy level and he has grown attached to our family. He is very smart and I am working on training with him so far he seems to respond well. It is just keeping up with his energy level that is sometimes the challenge.
8 months ago
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