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35-65 lbs
Border Collie

The Border Point is a well-built, agile hybrid breed that tends to fall into the medium-large dog size category. These hybrids stem from the Border Collie and Pointer mix (both hard working dogs) and as such, you may notice the eagerness to work seen in your hybrid. Currently, the possible purpose for these dogs may simply be for companionship; however, the Border Point may make an ideal hunting, tracking or herding dog if trained well. Due to their activity level and persona, Border Points are not recommended for apartments, small homes and homes with small backyards. Ideally, they will be better suited to highly active owners with large, rural homes that provide adequate space for running and meeting their energy needs.

Companion, Hunting, Herding
Date of Origin
Border Collie, Pointer

Border Point Health

Average Size
Height: 23-27 inches Weight: 35-65 lbs
Height: 23-27 inches Weight: 35-65 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Addison's Disease
Minor Concerns
  • Cherry Eye
  • Cataracts
Occasional Tests
  • Blood
  • Hip And Eyes
  • Blood Test
  • X-Rays
  • Blood Tests for Organ Function

Border Point Breed History

Both registered by the American Kennel Club, the Border Collie and the Pointer originated in Europe. The Pointer is said to have come into existence in Spain during the 17th century and the breed was later completed in England. The Pointer is thought to have ancestors such as the Foxhound, Greyhound and Bloodhound, all which contributed to the Pointer’s speed, strength and hunting instinct. The Border Collie was a herding breed said to have dated back to the 1st century during the time where Britain was invaded by the Romans. All Border Collies that are present today are said to have shared a common ancestor, a dog named “Old Hemp” (born in 1893) who was at that time one of the top sheep-herding dogs in England. History says this famous canine never lost a competition trial. Most Border Collies today are thought to be direct descendants of Old Hemp, who apparently fathered over 200 dogs in his lifetime.

Border Point Breed Appearance

As there is not much documentation on the Border Point hybrid, we can assume that coat color may be either bicolored, tricolored or merle much like the Border Collie, with color combinations including blacks, whites, livers and fawns. Coat length and texture may fall between short to medium length and may often be quite soft to the touch. Border Points are very likely to be medium sized, with a well built bone structure that would contribute to their agile nature. Should your dog take on more Border Collie features, their  skulls may be flat and wide, and muzzles may be of similar length as the skull. The body may be long and muscular with low set tails. Should your Border Point take on more of a Pointer mix, then they may be slightly taller than a Collie. The nose may be higher than the muzzle and may have a distinct stop, ears are often the shape of a pendant, and tails are tapered.

Border Point Breed Maintenance

Border Collies tend to have moderate levels of shedding, whereas Pointers have very low, minimal shedding. As such, should your Border Point take on traits where they develop the denser coat of a Border Collie, maintenance through brushing should be every week. Should your Border Point take on more Pointer characteristics, then shedding and brushing can be kept to a minimum. As with all dogs, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and nail trimming are a part of the normal maintenance requirements and should be met. 

Border Point Temperament

Both the Border Collie and Pointer share similar personality traits; these include a protective and responsive instinct, and an alert and courageous demeanor all which may be seen in your Border Point. These breeds are often considered working, hunting and herding dogs and may not be well suited to an environment with households that have smaller pets, cats and other small animals. These dogs may be cautious of strangers so will have a tendency to bark. As for children, Border Collies often tend to be more tolerant of younger kids, whereas Pointers may not be as tolerant. Thus, it is important to train and socialize your Border Point with kids and to teach children safe handling around dogs. 

Border Point Activity Requirements

Both parent breeds are highly active dogs that require constant mental stimulation and exercise. The Border Point may not be suited to city areas and may be better off in rural country town areas that have moderate climates. However, as Pointers have a tendency to follow their nose, it is essential that owners fence their backyard to prevent their dogs from going missing. If you do live in an urban area and own a Border Point, his well being (and yours) will be at its best if he is provided with plenty of activity. This hybrid will thrive on agility, flyball, running, and obedience trials.

Border Point Owner Experiences

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