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Boston Terrier

The Bosmaraner is a hybrid breed created from the crossbreeding of the Boston Terrier and the Weimaraner. It will take on the personality and physical characteristics of both breeds, making it a very loyal and intelligent pet. Since the Weimaraner can be difficult to control and requires proper training, the Bosmaraner may not be recommended for first time dog owners. This breed can do well in any home environment but will need proper exercise in order to stay healthy and happy. This is a modern breed that is still gaining popularity and is fairly unknown, but sure to capture the hearts of all who discover it.

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Boston Terrier, Weimaraner

Bosmaraner Health

Average Size
Male Bosmaraner size stats
Height: 15-27 inches Weight: 10-70 lbs
Female Bosmaraner size stats
Height: 15-25 inches Weight: 10-70 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Entropion
  • Bloat
Minor Concerns
  • Cataracts
Occasional Tests
  • Eye
  • Knee
  • X-Rays
  • Eye Examination

Bosmaraner Breed History

The Boston Terrier is a dog that has been bred from pit-fighting bull and terrier dogs who were much larger than this small breed is today. Although they used to participate in pit-fighting, they no longer do today. They originate from the Boston, Massachusetts, hence the name. The first of this breed was created by the English Bulldog and the English White Terrier, which is now an extinct breed. The foundation of these dogs was established in 1865, when some coachmen in Boston began interbreeding their Boston Terriers. The result was a specific dog name Hooper’s Judge, who weighed over 30 pounds but was eventually bred down in size using smaller females. Some French Bulldogs were also bred into these dogs as well. At first, this breed was known as American Bull Terriers and were nicknamed roundheads, but due to the unpopularity of the choice, the name was eventually changed to the Boston Terrier to represent their birthplace. The Weimaraner is descended from the Bloodhound and is a breed that is several centuries old. They are skilled as all round hunting dogs. They were bred and used mostly to hunt deer, wolves and bear. This breed is more modernly used as water retrievers and birdogs. One of the first signs of this breed was their appearance in a Van Dyck painting dating back to the 1600s. These dogs were imported to the United States in 1929 by Howard Knight, who was also the founder of the first American Weimaraner breed club. Both of these dog breeds were recently brought together, creating the Bosmaraner.

Bosmaraner Breed Appearance

The Bosmaraner is a newly created hybrid breed with little information available on them. To determine what a hybrid breed will look like, it is best to consider the appearance of its parent breeds, since it will take on some characteristics of both. In the case of the Bosmaraner, we should look at the Boston Terrier and the Weimaraner. The Boston Terrier is a small and compact dog that is muscular and has a short and square appearance. Their heads are flat on the top and square, with a short and wide muzzle that has a black nose and well defined stop. These dogs have either a slight underbite or an even bite. Their eyes will be wide set, large, round and dark. The ears will be erect and small, and the muscular legs are short and spread apart. They have broad chests, slightly arched necks and short tails that will be straight or screw shaped and tapering. Weimaraners are athletic and relatively large dogs. Their heads as well are medium sized with a moderate stop and have a medial line down the forehead. Their teeth meet in a scissors bite and the noses will be grey. This breed will have eyes that can be light amber, gray or blue-gray and will be somewhat wide set. Their folded and pendant ears are long and hang down along the sides of the head. These dogs have straight front legs that end in compact paws that are webbed. From the shoulders to the rump, the topline slopes down gently.

Bosmaraner Breed Maintenance

Maintaining the health and appearance of your hybrid dog will also depend on the needs of the parents. The smooth coat of both the Boston Terrier and Weimaraner are simple to groom and will require little maintenance. Use a comb and firm bristle brush to groom them, and give them baths when necessary. If your Bosmaraner takes on the prominent eyes of the Boston Terrier, they will need to be cleaned daily by using a damp cloth to wipe the face. Besides grooming, the Bosmaraner will need the same basic maintenance as all other dog breeds. This includes teeth brushing, which should be done every day, or at minimum two or three times per week. Clean their ears weekly as well to prevent infections, and clip their nails as necessary. Depending on if your dog’s nails wear down naturally, they will need to be clipped around once or twice a month, or less. If you can hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor when they walk, they are overdue.

Bosmaraner Temperament

The temperament of designer breeds can also be determined by looking at the personalities of the parents. Boston Terriers are intelligent and alert but gentle and well-mannered. However, they can be high strung if not given enough mental and physical stimulation. They are sensitive and learn quickly, making them easy dogs to train but can sometimes be difficult to house train. However, be sure to let your dog know that you are pack leader and not them, or they may try to boss you around. They are friendly with strangers and are also great around children and the elderly. This breed is usually well behaved around other pets but if not shown proper authority by the owner, they can be dog aggressive. Weimaraners are happy, affectionate and smart as well. These dogs do well around children but need to be trained in order to get along with other dogs. They also have an instinct to hunt prey and should not be trusted around small animals. This breed is intelligent and quick to learn but needs an experienced owner, as they can be hard to control if not taught obedience. If not shown confident leadership, they can become stressed and could develop separation anxiety, which could lead to a restless and destructive dog. Be harsh but gentle and positive when training this breed. They are great watchdogs since they are brave and loyal.

Bosmaraner Activity Requirements

The Boston Terrier can sometimes be inactive indoors and therefore, can adapt to apartment life. The Weimaraner can also do well in an apartment but will need a big yard as they are active outdoors. They are also quite energetic and it is important that they get enough exercise, or they may become destructive. Considering the activity needs of the Boston Terrier and the Weimaraner, it can be determined that the Bosmaraner will need about 30 to 120 minutes of exercise per day to remain healthy. This wide variance will depending on the gene pool and whether your particular pup has the genetics for energy and spunk.

Bosmaraner Owner Experiences

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