25-40 lbs
Boston Terrier
Australian Shepherd

Bossies are a combination of the Boston Terrier and an Australian Shepherd, and characteristics from each of these breeds will be present in their offspring. They should have a similar temperament and appearance to both of these breeds, but it will be hard to determine how much of each breed the dog will have. Even though they are very energetic dogs, Bossies should not be left alone in the backyard or they may feel abandoned and become upset and destructive. They will be medium in size and should be fed accordingly, but make sure that they get enough exercise or they could become overweight.

Working, Companion
Date of Origin
Boston Terrier, Australian Shepherd

Bossie Health

Average Size
Male Bossie size stats
Height: 15-23 inches Weight: 25-40 lbs
Female Bossie size stats
Height: 15-23 inches Weight: 25-40 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Minor Concerns
  • Cataracts
  • Cushing's Disease
Occasional Tests
  • Eye
  • Hip
  • Blood
  • X-Rays
  • Blood Tests for Organ Function

Bossie Breed History

Hybrid breeds have little known about their history, as they were all created recently. The Bossie is a dog made from the combination of a Boston Terrier and an Australian Shepherd. Boston Terriers were dogs who used to be much larger than those known today and were actually used in pit fighting. At first, Boston Terriers were created by breeding English White Terriers, who are now extinct, and English Bulldogs. At one point, French Bulldogs were brought into the mix as well. The foundation of this breed was defined by a dog named Hooper’s Judge, who was created using these two breeds. People began interbreeding Boston Terriers and bringing them down in size by breeding with smaller females. They were originally called American Bull Terriers and nicknamed roundheads, but this eventually changed when they were named Boston Terrier after their place of birth. Australian Shepherds have a deceiving name, as they do not actually originate from Australia but are instead from the Pyrenees Mountains located between France and Spain.  They were commonly used as herding dogs in the United States. The ancestors of this breed most likely include some Spanish dogs as well as Collie stock. Since the beginning and up to today, this breed is known to be very talented at a number of canine sports, jobs and activities including herding, obedience, agility, retrieving, police work, guarding and watching, searching for narcotics, performing tricks and search and rescue.

Bossie Breed Appearance

Hybrid dogs will look a little bit like each of its parents. Bossies will look mostly like an Australian Shepherd and will be slightly larger than the standard Boston Terrier. They are medium in size and have muscular bodies. Boston Terriers are strong and small with short bodies and a square look. Their heads are flat on the top and proportional to the body, and the short muzzle is deep and wide. These dogs have black noses and well defined stops. They have bites that are either even or undershot. Their dark eyes are large, round and set wide apart and the small ears will be erect. They have straight and strong legs that are slightly wide apart, broad chests and necks that arch slightly. These dogs have low set and tapering tails that are straight or corkscrew. Australian Shepherds are also medium in size. They typically have longer fur and shorter tails that, in most cases, will be docked.

Bossie Breed Maintenance

Although this breed is very low maintenance in terms of coat care, they are still a big commitment and have other ways that they will need to be taken care of. They do not require frequent grooming and same goes for baths as they have very little canine smell. It is important to teach these dogs proper obedience and respect as a puppy since they can be independent and stubborn. Like all canines, the Bossie will need regular ear, teeth and nail maintenance. They should get their teeth brushed two or three times per week, or even better, every day if you can manage it. Trim their nails as often as they need it, which will most likely be once or twice every month, unless they wear down on their own. Clean your dog’s ears weekly with a cotton ball in order to prevent any infections. All dogs of every breed will need to be kept active by exercising them both mentally and physically every day. 

Bossie Temperament

These dogs are sweet but will get along best with children who are older. They are smart but stubborn, and the more you tell them off the more they will misbehave. They can be taught and untaught commands just as easily, and you may need to re condition them often. With this breed, you should always reward them when they are good and ignore when they are bad. You should begin training your Bossie as a puppy since they can be stubborn and nippy when they are young and can also be strong when walked on a leash. They will often try to be the boss and should be shown that you are the leader and that you need to be respected. They can sometimes bark at other animals and may become destructive if bored, which is why they should always have access to toys in order to keep them entertained. Bossies do love their owners and should not be left alone outside all day, or they will feel abandoned which can lead to bad behavior.

Bossie Activity Requirements

This very active breed will need lots of exercise inside the house as well as outdoors. Keep them active and entertained, or they might become destructive. If your Bossie is similar to the Australian Shepherd, they will enjoy having work to do and can be restless if not exercised enough. They will need a minimum of 60 to 120 minutes of exercise every day in order to stay happy and healthy.

Bossie Owner Experiences

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