15-25 lbs
Boston Terriers
Italian Greyhound

It was the Italian Greyhound and Boston Terrier that came together to create the Bostalian. Thanks to its parents, this designer breed is a medium sized dog that has high energy levels and low grooming needs. Although the Italian Greyhound is a hypoallergenic breed, the Boston Terrier is not and therefore the Bostalian is most likely not either. They will do fine living in small homes but definitely need large open spaces to run around and play. This hybrid breed can take on the temperament of either parent breed, and will therefore need early socialization and proper training. When shown that you are the leader, these dogs can make wonderful and loyal companion pets.

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Boston Terrier, Italian Greyhound

Bostalian Health

Average Size
Male Bostalian size stats
Height: 13-17 inches Weight: 15-25 lbs
Female Bostalian size stats
Height: 13-17 inches Weight: 15-25 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Minor Concerns
  • Cataracts
Occasional Tests
  • Eye
  • Hip
  • Knee
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  • Physical Examination

Bostalian Breed History

The Boston Terrier is a breed that was actually used for pit fighting in their early years of existence. The two breeds that were originally used to create the Boston Terrier were the English Bulldog and the English White Terrier, which is now an extinct breed. French Bulldogs were also brought into their ancestry at some point. The foundation of this breed was determined after the birth of one specific dog named Hooper’s Judge, who was actually around 30 pounds at maturity. The breed was slowly brought down in size by breeding the males with smaller female Boston Terriers. American Bulldog Terrier was the first name given to this breed, but it did not go over well with many of these dog lovers. Therefore, the name was eventually changed to Boston Terrier to represent their place of origin, which is Boston, Massachusetts. Italian Greyhounds have been around for a long time with evidence of this breed appearing in 6000 year old Egyptian tombs. They were also discovered on Mediterranean art dating back 2000 years ago. During the Renaissance, these dogs were popular among the noblemen. A small dog that seemed to be related to the Italian Greyhound was found in an old lava flow in a partially ruined and buried Roman town called Pompeii. They were introduced to Europe by the Phoenician civilization during the 16th century, where they were favored by the European nobility. This breed made its way around the world and was adored by many, including James I of England, Catherine the Great of Russia, Queen Victoria, Frederique the Great of Prussia and Anne of Denmark.

Bostalian Breed Appearance

The standard appearance of this dog is not yet determined, since it is such a new breed. Overall, the Bostalian will take on characteristics from the Boston Terrier and the Italian Greyhound. They may be muscular, compact and square looking, like the Boston Terrier. That breed also has a square looking head that is flat on the top and muzzles that are proportional, short, wide and deep. The stop is well defined and their noses are black. The bite can be even or a bit undershot and the wide set eyes are dark, large and round. Ears will be small and erect, and the legs are straight and strong. The limbs are slightly wide apart since the chest is broad. They have slightly arched necks and tapering tails that are set low. On the other hand, Italian Greyhounds are fine boned and slender with a much taller and thinner appearance. They have narrow and long heads that are flat on the top and tapering muzzles with a more slight stop. Depending on what color coat the dog has, their noses will be either brown or black. These dogs have teeth that connect with a scissors bite and their dark eyes will be medium in size. Folded back along the head are small ears and the necks will be long and arched. They have deep and narrow chests, straight front legs and tapering tails that are long and set low. 

Bostalian Breed Maintenance

Since the Bostalian is a mix of the Boston Terrier and the Italian Greyhound, it makes sense that they will have similar care needs. The Boston Terrier has a simple short and smooth coat that will have a fairly low maintenance, not requiring regular grooming or bathing. Use a firm bristle brush and a comb to groom them when necessary. However, their eyes will require daily care and should be wiped with a wet cloth every day. Italian Greyhounds as well are one of the simplest and lowest maintenance dog breeds. They will only need to be rubbed down occasionally with a towel in order to keep their silky coat clean. They should only be bathed when they really need it. Dogs of every breed will need to have their nails clipped, ears cleaned and teeth brushed. Trim your dog’s nails once or twice a month, or less often if they get worn down quickly on their own. Your dog should have their ears wiped gently every week with a damp cotton ball to keep them clean and prevent the development of infections. It is best to brush their teeth every day, but twice or three times per week should be a minimum.

Bostalian Temperament

These dogs are sociable around people and get along well with other canines. Smaller pets, however, may not be safe around this breed as it could trigger their hunting instincts. They tend to be stubborn, and therefore will need some patience and consistency to train. Begin obedience training and socialization early on in their lives. For a more accurate description of their personalities, consider those of the Boston Terrier and the Italian Greyhound. The Boston Terrier is a kind and gentle dog that is very enthusiastic and energetic. They will be easy to train since they are so keen to please as well as sensitive to the owner’s voice. They are smart and will learn things easily, but can also begin to think that they are the top dog if you do not show them that you are the leader.  These dogs are very friendly and will be welcoming to all people, either family, strangers, elderly or children. They get along with other pets but can be aggressive towards other dogs if not trained properly. Italian Greyhounds are smart, affectionate and playful. They love to please their owners but will not listen if they do not respect you as the leader. With consistency and leadership, they should be simple to train. These dogs especially need to be socialized well, as they can be shy and reserved around people that they don’t know. Do not baby this breed, or they can become unsure and may snap at you or others.

Bostalian Activity Requirements

This hybrid breed is small but athletic. Due to their size, they can do well living in small spaces but will need large and open yards in order to exercise them fully. Both the Boston Terrier and Italian Greyhound breeds are known to become a bit high strung, which is why it is important that they get enough mental and physical activity. Boston Terriers do well with 20 to 30 minutes of exercise every day, and Italian Greyhounds need about 60 to 120 minutes. Depending on the individual, Bostalians will do well with between 20 and 120 minutes of activity per day.

Bostalian Owner Experiences

12 Years
2 People
House & Yard
Friendly, lovable companions
6 years, 3 months ago
5 Years
3 People
House & Yard
Running next to the four-wheeler
Chuck it!
Catch leaves/snow
Beau has been my whole world for five years and he’s been the greatest joy to ever exist. He was a stray I adopted and he had some trouble being potty trained as for my inexperience. But he’s a very devoted dog, as well as a big baby! His favorite thing is to be held like a baby and to sing a song! He’s bonded with a 100-lb female lab and a female husky, so there’s a lot of estrogen around him. He’s also very unsure of men and doesn’t trust males.
5 years, 6 months ago
2 Years
4 People
Go on Vacation
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Abbi you would thing is energetic 24/7 but she only gets excited at the most unexpected times. She is an amazing dog though. My Mom found her on Facebook and i don't care if shes a mixed breed she is the best dog, so affectionate and so calm. If you want to play, she will play, if you want to sleep she will cuddle up next to you. Abbi is the most energetic dog.
3 years, 10 months ago
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