Cairn Corgi

15-25 lbs
United States
Cairn Terrier
Welsh Corgi

The Cairn Corgi is a hybrid mix of two small sized breeds, the Cairn Terrier, and the Welsh Corgi.  The Welsh Corgi family can be of the Pembroke or Cardigan bloodline, and both are considered different breeds.  Both parent breeds originate from the United Kingdom; the Cairn Terrier from Scotland and the Welsh Corgi from Wales.  The Cairn Terrier is an earth dog and vermin hunter and the Welsh Corgi of the herding dog group, despite his low to the ground look.  Both parents are intelligent; a trait passed down to the Cairn Corgi.  The Cairn Corgi is an affectionate family companion with a low tendency for barking unless they want a treat or attention.    

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Cairn Terrier, Welsh Corgi

Cairn Corgi Health

Average Size
Male Cairn Corgi size stats
Height: 10-11 inches Weight: 15-25 lbs
Female Cairn Corgi size stats
Height: 10-11 inches Weight: 15-25 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Hip Dysplasia
Minor Concerns
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Von Willebrand's Disease
  • Bladder Stones
Occasional Tests
  • Eye
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Spine
  • Dna For Vwd
  • Blood And Urine Protein Screens
  • X-Rays

Cairn Corgi Breed History

The Cairn Corgi is a hybrid mix of the Cairn Terrier and the Welsh Corgi.  The hybrid is a modern breed and does not have a history outside of its parent breeds.  Currently, there is little information on the mix and owners should review the histories and character traits of the parent breeds to better understand the possible dispositions and traits of the Cairn Corgi. The Cairn is an old and ancient breed of Scotch Terriers that was only developed a separate breed in the 19th century and distinguished from its other Scotch Terrier brothers by coat color.  The ancestor of the Cairn Terrier, the Scotch Terrier, was first described in 55 BC by the Romans who identified the small dogs as agile hunters that went to the ground after their quarry.  The Romans named these dogs Terrarii, which is Latin for workers of the earth.  Over several centuries, the Terrier group lived and thrived as earth dogs in Scotland and England, making their way to France and parts of Germany as well.  By the 1900s, the Cairn Terrier was firmly established as a wire-haired small Terrier of the Skye group in various colors, accepting white, which was designated for its cousin breed, the West Highland Terrier.  The Cairn is often confused for the Scottish Terrier, but the Scottie has a more diverse genetic makeup, having a large gene pool history whereas the Cairn Terrier was limited to the Isle of Skye

Cairn Corgi Breed Appearance

The Cairn Corgi is a small-sized hybrid between the Cairn Terrier and the Welsh Corgi.  Your Cairn Corgi can resemble either the Cairn Terrier or the Welsh Corgi depending on which parent traits appear most dominant.  If the Cairn Corgi resembles the Cairn Terrier, its head and muzzle will look more square with medium size ears that flop over.  However, many Cairn Corgis resemble the Welsh Corgi and will have a more rounded head and thinner muzzle.  The ears on a Welsh Corgi dominant Cairn Corgi will stand erect and with either be pointed or rounded depending on the Welsh Corgi breed.  The body of a Cairn Corgi will be longer than it is tall, a trait this dog gets from the Welsh Corgi, but the length will not be as pronounced as in the parent breed.  The tail is short and may be docked if following a Pembroke Welsh Corgi style.

Cairn Corgi Breed Maintenance

The Cairn Corgi is not a hypoallergenic dog and sheds moderately, given its parent breeds.  The medium hair requires daily brushing to prevent tangles and mats and to remove dirt and debris that clings to the coat.  Regular ear cleaning with a veterinarian approved solution will help to avoid ear infections in your Cairn Corgi and brush your dog’s teeth at least twice a week to prevent dental disease and keep his mouth clean.  The Cairn Corgi does not drool much at all and keeping his coat and teeth clean with help with any “doggy” odor that might arise; though this mix is not known to smell. Cairn Corgis can resemble either the Cairn Terrier or the Welsh Corgi and have medium to high energy with moderate intensity needs.  This mix requires daily exercise of moderate intensity.  They are smart dogs, but the Cairn Terrier parent added elements of independence and stubbornness, which makes the Cairn Corgi a little harder to train if he resembles the Welsh Corgi.

Cairn Corgi Temperament

Despite having two working class parents, the Cairn Corgi is a companion dog with high energy.  The Cairn Corgi is affection toward its family including children and is a moderately sensitive dog that does not tolerate being left alone for long.  When it comes to strangers, the Cairn Corgi is friendly and welcoming, but this hybrid may not like other dogs as well as it like strangers.  Early socialization with different people, places, dogs, and other animals will help the Cairn Corgi adjust to different situations much better. The energy levels on the Welsh Corgi parent are lower than the Cairn Terrier.  However, daily exercise is required and is just as essential for stimulating the Cairn Corgi’s mind.  The intensity levels of exercise are much lower than in other hybrids, and daily exercise is possible from inside your home.

Cairn Corgi Activity Requirements

The Cairn Corgi has a lot of energy and needs daily exercise.  The Welsh Corgi parent breed is a more laid-back breed and may mellow the Cairn Terrier parent genes in your Cairn Corgi.  If the Cairn Corgi gets enough daily exercise, this hybrid is well-suited for apartment life, and much of its exercise needs can be met within the home.  This hybrid does not need large spaces to run around, but a small back yard is ideal. The Cairn Terrier is known to dig and root around; so proper exercise and mental stimulation is a must to prevent destructive behaviors in your Cairn Corgi.  Daily playtime and exercise also strengthens your bond and keeps the Cairn Corgi's mind properly stimulated.  The Cairn Corgi is a versatile dog capable of living in any climate tolerably well.

Cairn Corgi Owner Experiences

3 Years
5 People
Playing with him
We always wondered what kind of dog he was and now we know! He’s absolutely funny, loves jumping around, however he is submissive and pees when someone gets close to pet him or if he’s in trouble. He’s the fastest leaner out of two other dogs. He’s very loyal and won’t stray far and loves to be cuddled if nothing else.
5 years, 1 month ago
1 Month
1 People
House & Yard
Incredable little dog. She has never met a stranger everyone is her best friend. Excellent watchdog, no one is coming around without her letting you know, unfortunately a terrible guard dog. She's so friendly she would probable help a burglar carry your stuff out. Loves children, will play as long as the kids want (even longer). All in all a great dog.
4 years, 12 months ago
Charlie MacBeth
3 Years
2 People
House & Yard
He love to escape and run the neighborhood. Great 'big brother'to sister Sasha a Brussels Griffon. Since we got Sasha he has to sleep with her, and always had to touch her when cuddling. On his escapes if she goes with him, he always makes sure she stays with him. He is always watching out for her and is very protective when strangers come around. He gets between her and the stranger. He is a food hound and always acts as if he hasn't eaten in days. I thought this was because he was a stray on the street we adopted but read that this is a trait of this mix. He is the sweetest most loving little gentleman I have ever been around. He loves his people and his fur sisters even the feline sister. He is a joy to be around and always has kisses to give. To look in his eyes he sees into your soul and always gives you the saddest and sweetest loving eyes. He snuggles as close as he can go my side and payed his head on my chest and looks up at me with love to spare. Can't see my life without him in it now that he has been a part of it for almost 3 years. I don't know how previous owner could let him go, I know I would search high and low for him now.
3 years, 1 month ago
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