8-16 lbs
​United States
Jack Russell Terrier

The Hava-Jack is a hybrid dog that is a cross between a Havanese and a Jack Russell Terrier. They are small dogs weighing up 17 pounds and are about 14 inches in height. They will take on the colors and characteristics of the parent breeds which can include white, black, black and tan, sable and grey. Jack Russells are tan and white, black and white or tricolored (black, tan and white). Jack Russells either have a smooth, rough or broken coat, the latter is a combination of the first two. Havanese have thick, silky, soft, long, straight or curly coats. Both parent breeds are good with children but the owner will need a lot of patience when it comes to training, especially with the Jack Russell.

purpose Purpose
history Date of Origin
ancestry Ancestry
Havanese, Jack Russell Terrier

Hava-Jack Health

Average Size
Male Hava-Jack size stats
Height: 9-14 inches Weight: 9-17 lbs
Female Hava-Jack size stats
Height: 8-13 inches Weight: 8-16 lbs
Major Concerns
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Glaucoma
  • Lens Luxation
  • Mitral Valve Disease
  • Portosystemic Shunt
  • Heart Murmur
Minor Concerns
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease
Occasional Diagnoses
  • Deafness
Occasional Tests
  • X-Rays
  • Physical Examination
  • Ultrasound
  • Blood Work
  • Echocardiogram Tests
  • Ophthalmic Examination
  • Electroretinogram (ERG)

Hava-Jack Breed History

The Hava-Jack is hybrid breed made up of a combination of a Havanese and a Jack Russell Terrier. The national dog of Cuba, the Havanese were bred as companion dogs and much loved for their silky long hair and cute looks. They are believed to have arrived in Cuba aboard ships from Tenerife and the early colonists soon took a liking to the breed and kept them as companion dogs in their homes. Travellers from Europe who saw the dogs also became fond of them and took some back to England, Spain and France when the breed thrived in the mid-1800s. Even royalty took a shine to them and it was said Queen Victoria owned two while Charles Dickens had a Havanese called Tim. During the Cuban Revolution in 1959 the breed almost died out. With people fleeing and having to leave everything behind just a handful of dogs made it to the United States. However they are now a popular breed and were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1996. The Jack Russell Terrier takes it name from the Reverend John Russell who bred these feisty terriers to hunt foxes in the mid-to-late 1800's. A female Jack named Trump who he bought from a local milkman was the basis for his breeding program with the aim of creating a terrier with stamina for the hunt. In England, the longer legged dogs are called Parson Jack Russell Terriers and the shorter legged dogs are called Jack Russell Terriers. They are intelligent, fearless dogs who have boundless energy and are prized by horse owners and animal trainers although they can be tough to train as are easily distracted. The American Kennel Club officially recognized the Parson Russell Terrier in 1997.

Hava-Jack Breed Appearance

Hava-Jack dogs are small dogs who are likely to vary according to which of the parent breed they most look like. The colors are usually white, black, black and tan, sable and grey. Jack Russells can be tri-colored and have three different types of coats - smooth, rough and broken which is a combination of the first two. Havanese have thick, silky, soft, long, straight or curly coats. Jacks are solid and sturdy with dark, bright and almond-shaped eyes while their ears are small and triangular dropping forward. Havanese have dark brown, almond-shaped eyes which are often watery and leave tear stains. They are also quite sturdy with their tails carried over the back and ears that drop and fold. Your Hava-Jack will have an adorable face with an endearing smile.

Eye Color Possibilities
brown Hava-Jack eyes
Nose Color Possibilities
black Hava-Jack nose
Coat Color Possibilities
white Hava-Jack coat
black Hava-Jack coat
sable Hava-Jack coat
gray Hava-Jack coat
Coat Length
Short Medium Long
Coat Density
coat density
Sparse Normal Dense
Coat Texture
coat texture
Hava-Jack straight coat texture
Straight Wiry Wavy Curly Corded

Hava-Jack Breed Maintenance

The Havanese is hypoallergenic whereas a Jack Russell isn’t, so it will depend on which parent breed your pet most takes after. Jack Russells are relatively low maintenance although regular brushing will be needed because Jack’s shed a lot and it will help to remove dead hairs. If your pet takes more after the Havanese there will be a bit more work in that the coat requires daily brushing and regular trimming. Try to brush your dog’s teeth as often as you can to prevent any dental issues. Check ears for dirt and wipe them gently with damp cotton wool. Nails also need to be checked to see if they need clipping.

Brushes for Hava-Jack
Pin Brush
Pin Brush
Slicker Brush
Slicker Brush
Nail Clipper
Nail Clipper
Brushing Frequency
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Hava-Jack requires daily brushing
Daily Weekly Monthly

Hava-Jack Temperament

Hava-Jacks are likely to be loving and affectionate and make great family pets like both parent breeds. They are likely to get on well with children and most other dogs, although Jack Russell Terriers can be aggressive with other dogs but early socialization will help with this. The Havanese is very energetic for a small dog but tends to follow his owner around like a little shadow. They don’t like being left alone for any length of time and can suffer from separation anxiety so will be better off if there is someone at home for most of the time. Jack Russells have a lot of energy and enjoying digging so need to be kept busy and exercised a lot. They have huge personalities and can be tough to train but are intelligent dogs who love to play. Both parent breeds are quite prey driven so will need to be taken out on a leash. Both parent breeds are friendly to strangers. The Havanese would do better than a Jack Russell in an apartment. Your Hava-Jack will thrive with you as the pack leader; this eager for action canine will follow you everywhere.

Hava-Jack Activity Requirements

Again it will depend on which parent breed your pet most takes after because Jack Russell Terriers need a lot of exercise. They enjoy tricks, ball games, frisbee and have boundless energy. If your Hava-Jack is not exercised enough they can develop bad habits like digging and barking. The Havanese also needs plenty of exercise and loves dog sports like agility, flyball and obedience training. Your Hava-Jack will do best living indoors with a fenced in yard where he can play but one that should be impossible for him to jump over or dig under. Both parent breeds are sensitive to the cold so don’t leave your hybrid outside when the temperature drops.

Activity Level
low activity medium activity high activity
Low Medium High
Rec. Walk Mileage Per Week
8 miles
walk mileage
Minutes of Activity Per Day
45 minutes
activity minutes

Hava-Jack Food Consumption

Cups Per Day
1 cups
cup per day cost
Daily Cost
$0.70 - $1.00
food bowls daily cost
Monthly Cost
$25.00 - $30.00
food bag monthly cost

Hava-Jack Owner Experiences

4 Months
3 People
House & Yard
My Hava-Jack is the perfect dog. I have a 4yr old and baby on the way, and she is just an overall wonderful and pleasant dog, who’s energy level matches well with my 4yr olds so they keep each other quite occupied. She has been exposed to others newborn babies and is very good with small babies she knows to do know more than lick (but not overbearing) and smell. No pouncing, no scratching and she lays next to the crying newborn as to comfort him/her and looks to the adults as to get your attention like “Hello, crying baby! Come me give her attention!” Lol she is over all an amazing pooch and certainly bred for companionship. I do recommend lots of chew toys for teething pups as they seem to require it or they will find their own (shoes, toys, blankets) lol
5 years, 11 months ago
1 Year
7 People
My little guy was insane as a puppy, his energy level was extremely high and he wanted everything in his mouth just like a human baby. I thought he’d never sleep through the night. After he turned a year old he started to calm a bit, still high energy no doubt, but a long walk or a trip to the dog park a few times a week keeps him happy. His favorite game is fetch, he could literally play for hours. He also likes hard chew toys, especially to chew as he’s falling asleep at night. He’s such a snuggle bug when it’s time to calm down for the day and if I don’t go to bed on time he’ll go to bed without me (checking on me frequently to make sure I’m okay). He really is my little shadow and I don’t know what I’d do without him. As far as temperament he has a lot of love to give, it just takes him a second to make sure the new person/place is safe. Especially if I’m around as he is EXTREMELY protective of his human. Once he gets past his anxiousness he’ll put a ball in your hand and expect you to play. His hair is medium in length and very fine. As far as grooming he won’t ever need a hair cut. Just a bath and a good brushing every couple of weeks. Although he doesn’t shed. He’s a good boy. I love him and he keeps me going.
4 years, 6 months ago
8 Years
3 People
House & Yard
Kevin was rescued from the streets of a big busy city and since lives on a livestock farm. He enjoys visiting the cows and enjoys people--fiercely protective of his owner and his stuff. He's a joy to have around, and definitely is a "shadow" dog following household members everywhere. He's a mellow fellow, the only dog here, but doesn't want to be picked up. He speaks in good growls and bad growls and barks when there's a delivery person, or a car in the drive. He's pretty quiet though and loves his farm life--supervised wandering, walking the lane, and playing on the grounds. We haven't tried him as a herder dog. We didn't even know, he's a Hava-Jack until recently. He's a lover.
3 years, 3 months ago
10 Weeks
4 People
Happy, active and extremely cute
2 years, 8 months ago
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Question - Nutrition

What kind of raw dog food can I feed my 2 month old havanese x poodle x jack russell. We are trying to steer away from milk now that he’s getting older and bigger. Can we mix the milk with the raw dog food so he doesn’t start with raw food right off the bat? Thank you!

Hello, Instinct is a good raw dog food. YOu can mix the milk with the food to start with.
2 years, 10 months ago
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