Top 10 Lap Dog Breeds

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You know what they say- good things come in small packages. Dogs are no exception. While it’s fun to wrestle around with a large pup or play fetch with a mid-sized furry friend, sometimes it’s nice to snuggle up to a petite pooch. Pint sized pups are ideal companions for curling up and watching a movie on a Friday night, or reading a book when it’s raining outside. And they’re pawsome for keeping you company while you relax in your favorite chair. If having a tiny ball of fur to coo over and pet sounds like heaven, consider bringing one of the top lap dog breeds into your life. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Not only are these little pups sweet and adorable to look at, they have a regal past that will impress anyone. As a favorite breed of King Charles II, these doggos know how to be in the presence of royalty. But don’t think of them as pretentious, they are perfectly happy to lounge around on the couch.


This little fur ball brightens any room they walk into. With sweet teddy bear faces, they could probably get away with anything. But their innate desire to please their people keeps them in line. Curling up next to one of these pups is the perfect way to end the day. 


Big black eyes, squished nose, and a personality that won’t quit? It must be a Pug. This easy going breed is up for anything. They love playing around outside. But when it's time to go in, they are perfectly content to snuggle up at your feet. And, one thing is for sure, they will always make you smile!

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Maltese have a reputation for being pampered. It is true they love to be doted on. Their long flowing coats, delicate faces, and tiny size have made them a favorite lap dog for as long as anyone can remember. But they do have a spunky side and will always be up for a little playtime!

Shih Tzu

Weighing around 10 pounds, the Shih Tzu is a classic lap dog breed. These miniature mutts were originally from Tibet and were loyal pets to ancient royalty. These days you’ll most likely find them cuddled up at the feet of their beloved owners. After a lively game of fetch, that is. 

Lhaso Apso

Another Tibetan breed, the Lhasa Apso has been around for 1,000 years. That’s woofin’ old! Hundreds of years ago, these pint sized pooches watched over the Himalayan monasteries. They are incredibly loyal and love nothing more than to guard the laps of their people. In exchange for some cuddles, of course. 


If you need an adorable lap warmer, look no further. This little creature will gladly help you out. Hailing all the way from China, this mild mannered pooch is often used as a tiny therapy dog. Their even keeled temperament makes them an ideal buddy for chilling out after a hard day’s work. 

Toy Poodle

Want a well rounded loveable pup? Well, the Toy Poodle is the whole kit and ca-poodle. Not only are they intelligent, they are also great with children, low sheddin, loyal, and playful. As people pleasers, this breed always wants to be near their owners and will gladly snuggle up on your lap. 

Boston Terrier

Who can resist the sweet smile of a Boston Terrier? These likeable little souls are incredibly friendly and are a great addition to any household, whether you have two legged children or not. They easily adapt to any environment and are just as eager to lounge around as they are to play. 

Yorkshire Terrier

This list would not be complete without the Yorkshire Terrier, the quintessential lap dog. Topping out at around seven pounds, this miniscule pup is recognized as one of the world’s favorite breeds. They do have a feisty side and are actual great little guardians, but there’s no where they’d rather be than in your lap.