Top 10 Dog Names in Dallas, TX

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One thing that Dallas is known for is its high number of dogs. There are several theories as to why these dogs seem to be thriving so well in Dallas. Some say it’s because of the warm climate, and some say it’s just the culture. In South Dallas, there is said to be almost 9,000 free-roaming dogs. Most of them are actually owned and named, or are just fed by people in the neighborhood and possibly go by multiple names. It’s clear that Dallas loves and cares for their dogs, owned or otherwise!

The amount of dog-friendly areas and fun things to do in Dallas offers more proof that these city dwellers love their furry friends. There are currently four, unique dog parks located throughout town. Aside from these dog parks, there are plenty of natural areas, trails and pathways that welcome pups in  Dallas. There are dog-friendly pubs, hotels, and even pools, so your doggo never needs to miss out on the fun!

While you’re exploring this city with your best pal and making new furry friends, you’ll want to make sure he or she has a name to be proud of! Here are some of the top names that pet owners around Dallas are choosing for their dogs.

#1 Bella

Bella is a Latin name meaning beautiful, lovable, and graceful. It’s a name your sweet, little girl will be proud of on the “bella” streets of Dallas.

#2 Charlie

Charlie, often a substitute or nickname for Charles, originates from Old English and means “full-grown man.” But don’t worry, soon your puppy will grow into it and own the sidewalks of Dallas.

#3 Luna

Luna is Latin for “moon”, and in mythology is one of the names of Artemis the Moon goddess. This lovely lady may enjoy moonlit strolls, or a moonrise over Dallas’ White Rock Lake with you.

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#4 Max

Max, short for Maximilian, means “greatest”. It’s a pawsome name whether your dog is the greatest at playing catch in Dallas’ dog parks, or the greatest at cuddling on the couch!

#5 Daisy

Daisy is a feminine name derived from “day’s eye”, because the daisy opens its petals at daybreak. Your dog would fit right in frolicking through the wildflowers in the parks around Dallas.

#6 Bentley

This English surname, which means "meadow with coarse grass," is also associated with a luxury car. If your pup enjoys the finer things in life in Dallas, this cool-sounding name may just fit the bill!

#7 Buddy

Travel buddy, exercise buddy, couch buddy… your best pal would be proud to bear this name on your adventures in Dallas together!

#8 Lucy

From the iconic TV show I Love Lucy, this name means “light”. A dog like Lucy would be a great companion to hit Dallas’ trails with in the first rays of morning.

#9 Sadie

Sadie is a Hebrew name meaning “princess” or “lady-like”. Sadie is sure to feel that way after a spa day at one of Dallas’ many grooming salons.

#10 Jax

Based on the more traditional Jackson, Jax is a modern name that has gained pawpularity in more recent years. Your pup would be proud to carry such a cool moniker while they're playing in the city's dog parks!