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Choosing a dog name is serious business. A name can reflect the animal, or it can misrepresent him or her. It can serve as nothing more than a method to call the dog to you, or it can be more unique and expressive of personality. Ultimately, it's best not to rush the process, but instead, to trust that the right name will come in time. It's perfectly acceptable to go a few weeks without a proper name. After all, you can't rush perfection. Here are a few dog name ideas that focus on the letter "I." They may be enough to get some ideas! 

Dog Names That Start With I in Pop Culture

Dog Names that Start with I Considerations

Dog names carry much more weight than we think upon first thought. They can focus on your dog's behavior, their personality, their likes and dislikes, or even their favorite food. Some people even name their dogs after the sounds of their barks, with tougher sounding names for the deep, throaty barks, and gentler names for the tiny pups. This is good news. It means that you can use anything about your dog as inspiration. Sounds, preferences or appearance all can play a part.  

Speaking of appearance, this is a huge source of inspiration. Big dogs can be named "bigger" names, names that reflect their height or weight. "Biggins", "Incredible", or "Boulder" are names that would be ironic, or even hilarious for a smaller dog, but would seem normal for a bigger breed. If the dog is particularly furry, you could play off that to find a name that suits him. After all, although all dogs have attractive coats, not many have excessively furry ones. Using that as inspiration may result in a name selection few other dogs have. It's great if you're looking for a really original name! Whatever the case is with your dog, remember to give yourself some time to find the right name. There's no rush! 

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