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Have you just brought home your furry best friend and you are seeking the perfect name for your new canine buddy? If you are a fan of the Laura Ingalls Wilder books and television series Little House on the Prairie then you might want to pick a handle for your dog that shows just how much you enjoy the story or show. The large cast of characters and the numerous story plots will give you limitless options when it comes to picking the perfect moniker for your pooch.

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Little House on the Prairie Dog Name Considerations

The Little House on the Prairie books were first published from 1932 to 1943. They are written in the third person and centered around Laura as the main character. In total, eight books were created and a ninth was later published posthumously in 1971.

The books have spurred the imaginations of children for decades. They would be recreated for both television and stage. The iconic Little House on the Prairie television series ran from 1974 to 1982. A documentary film, Little House on the Prairie: The Legend of Laura Ingalls Wilder was also created to more accurately depict her real-life story for adults and children.  A musical was also made in 2008. Numerous movies have also released that follow Laura’s life. In 1975, Japan even created an animated series called, The Prairie Girl . There were a total of 26 episodes.

Little House on the Prairie remains a timeless story enjoyed by both children and adults. Although the adventures revolve around humans, there are also many non-human characters such as dogs, horses, and a raccoon that play key roles. You should have no trouble finding the perfect moniker that is truly reminiscent of the books, the series, or any of the numerous other adaptations of the storyline.

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Community Dogs With Little House on the Prairie Names

Caroline's name story for Little House on the Prairie Dog Names
Yorkshire Terrier
Odon, IN
Spunky and Bossy

Since I already had a Mini Schnauzer named Charles, I knew I wanted to name my Yorkie, Caroline. They are so cute!

Charles's name story for Little House on the Prairie Dog Names
Miniature Schnauzer
Odon, IN

I named my dog Charles since Little House was my favorite show growing up!

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