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The Lion King is one of the most beloved animation movies of all time. It was a departure from Disney's typical fare and offered generations an exciting adventure in the pride lands. It was new, fresh and original. Over twenty years later people are still talking about it, especially now that the studio has announced that they will be creating a live-action remake. Fans of the movie cannot wait for the movie to be released and are sure that Disney will offer fans  something as breath-taking as the original. Why not name your dog after one of the iconic characters?

The Lion King Dog Names In Pop Culture

The Lion King Dog Name Considerations

The Lion King has had a definite effect on pop culture over the past few years. We have been treated to a few adaptations and a lot of merchandise. A fan favorite is the Lion King musicals. These musicals are wonderfully directed with incredible scenery and even better acting. You are not a true fan of the epic saga if you have not been to one of the musicals. It is a right of passage into the world of the pride lands. It does not matter if you can mouth along to every line of dialogue in the original movie. The fandom will not accept you unless you can comment on the musical. You may find inspiration from the songs and theatrics as you search for a dog name.

The music in the movie itself is some of the best music set to a movie. It won awards and still gets stuck in our heads. Another remarkable facet of the franchise is the number of wonderful characters. Each one has a distinct personality that earned them their own fans. This means that when you choose a name for your new puppy from the franchise, you can choose one that matches their personality. Then again, all the names sound amazing, so take your pick regardless of anything else. 

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