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Many of us know the story of Mowgli the man-cub. The original stories written by Rudyard Kipling have been adapted many times, this is because the stories are timeless and the lessons are important. We can learn a lot from the story, but most importantly, it is very entertaining. Whether you prefer to read the stories or watch the movies, there is something in it for everyone. The concept is so enticing that we know there will be many more adaptations to come. Truthfully, that is very exciting and we cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

The Jungle Book Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Jungle Book Dog Name Considerations

On the surface, the Jungle Book stories are about Mowgli, a young boy who is abandoned by his parents in the jungles of India. Instead of dying, he is adopted by the animals and becomes one of their own. He has many adventures and eventually learns to balance life in the human village with his existence in the jungle. Thanks to his unusual upbringing, he belongs on both sides which earns him a freedom that no-one else has. When you look into the deeper meaning of the stories, you begin to notice that there are many themes that Rudyard intertwined in the narrative. 

Kipling makes comments on society, illustrates what it is like to be abandoned and then fostered by a loving family. His stories show the freedom of living within the law and dealing with antagonistic forces. In his stories, the heroes always win against the bad guys and there is a happy ending. He even introduces human archetypes in his animal hierarchy and stresses the importance of honoring authority due to the recklessness of human nature. Obviously, the Jungle Book is a little deeper than we originally thought. That, and there are many exotic names to give to your pets. 

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