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If you're reading this, then you've been looking for some Austrian dog name ideas. Known for their coffee houses leftover from the Turks, their booze, fascination with death, and love of folk costumes, the Austrians have a rich culture to draw inspiration from. They are the perfect group to look to for creative direction of every kind, including dog names. The following is a collection of 60 names that are popular in Austria. Half are female, the other is male. Take a look at them, read the meanings of each carefully, and make a note of the options that stand out to you! 

Austria Dog Names in Pop Culture

Austria Dog Name Considerations

Whenever people begin the process of naming their new pets, especially dogs, there's a certain level of pressure. The name needs to be perfect, it needs to make sense, and it needs to flow. Many drive themselves up a wall, unable to find something that rolls off the tongue perfectly. 

And it makes sense: it feels that way because most people truly love animals. Most people take a look at a dog's face in a shelter, or a breeder's home, and see pure joy. To name the dog something that doesn't seem quite right or doesn't make much sense seems like a disservice. 

But there's only a handful of things to really consider when naming a dog. For instance, breed, appearance, size, gender, preferences, and personality. Essentially, who the dog is, both in and out. And if you don't have this information, then it becomes all about you as a person. Consider pop culture references you find interesting, such as characters from a show, a song name, or famous locations based on a work of fiction. 

Go with whatever it is you know, try to imagine saying it several times per day for years to come, and trust your instinct. When it's the right choice, you'll know. 

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Community Dogs with Austria Names

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