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If you’re looking for a great dog name, just know that the truth is out there, likely somewhere on our list of The X-Files inspired dog names featured below. If it wasn’t enough that the show, which successfully survived two movies and eleven seasons including a well-received reboot as recently as 2016, has wholly-identifiable and distinct names, it’s also been heralded as a top-ten cult classic television show since it’s debut in 1993 and for good reason. It’s cerebral, quirky, off-beat and exceptionally well-written, leaving potential dog-namers a spaceship-load of unique names to give their equally unique dogs.

The X-Files Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

The X-Files Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When trying to find the perfect X-Files inspired name to give your dog, try to keep their most notable characteristics in mind, such as their breed type, personality, looks and quirks, as they will provide the easiest and most appropriate starting points. 

For instance, in terms of breed type, if you happen to have a Fox Terrier of any kind, naming it Mulder would certainly be clever (plus, it would be fun just to say “Hey, this is my Fox Terrier, Mulder.”). For the same reason, naming your Airedale, Arthur or Dales, would be similarly suitable, especially if they love to sail through the air (Air Dales the Airedale). 

Looks can work just as well if you find the right character; naming your Afghan either Ringo or Langley would be perfect — especially if they’re barky or snarky — as they both share a similar hairstyle. 

But of course, there are multiple levels you can play their name on, especially when it comes to personality. If they’re particularly skeptical, then Scully would be an appropriate fit. If they tend to randomly disappear, then Sam would be a good choice. If they’re a Pomeranian, Queequeg is perfect for obvious reasons. If your dog happened to bring you and your partner together, then Blevins, after Division Chief Blevins, who brought Scully and Mulder together, would be perfect. 

Whatever you choose, there are certainly plenty of options. You can go as simple as naming them after your favorite writer or as complex as basing their name off of a single character, quote, or episode. Like we stated in the intro, the truth is out there, you just have to want to believe.

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